The Icelandic Bind Off

Once upon a time (because that’s how all the best stories begin)…I spent a month in Iceland.  It was awesome!  Ever since then, I’ve have a particular eye for anything Icelandic so imagine my surprise to discover there’s an Icelandic Bind Off! I had no idea!


It’s decorative, in an understated manor.  It rolls a bit but it rolls on both sides.  There’s a nice reversible quality to it.  It’s oddly like i-cord, there is a definite cord feel to it.  It’s got more bulk than a standard pass one over bind off but it’s certainly not bulky.  It’s just right with garter stitch, able to hold it’s own perfectly!  It’s also a bit like a K2Tog tbl bind off so it’s got a lovely stretch to it.  In short, this is my new favorite bind off!

To work the Icelandic Bind Off:

Knit the first stitch and pass it back to the left needle.  Then, reach through that stitch and knit the second stitch.  Drop them both off the left side and place the new right hand stitch back on the left needle.  Reach through, knit, put the new stitch back on the left needle.  It looked fiddly at first but you develop a rhythm easily!

Here’s video demo:

It’s from Very Pink.  She’s my go to for YouTube videos, she’s got great production value and she knows what she’s talking about!  Check it out…the Icelandic Bind Off could be your new favorite thing too!


Here’s a peek at what I’m binding off!  I’ll tell you all about it when I finally finish…(because cliffhangers are the best endings!  ha!)



    1. FogKnits

      It’s perfect for so many of my projects, I especially like it on the Muh Muh shawls I did. I bound off with a contrast color for a lovely decorative effect! and I especially love the way it’s balanced for garter stitch! It’s my new go-to!


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