International Sportsball Competition: Winter 2022 edition

Anyone else watching the games that shall not be named? Despite the human rights violations, the geopolitical implications, the corporate overlords, the threat of worsening a global pandemic…I can’t help it, I’m watching. I’ve always loved it and while I’m more critical of the world than ever, I’m going to cling to the games that shall not be named as if all that celebrating the best of humanity bs is true. Plus…there’s knitwear.

This year, without large, international crowds of spectators the knitwear watching isn’t as bountiful. 2018 was a good year though. Look at those great handmade hats! If I’m recalling correctly, that first pic, the USA hat, is Shaun White’s sister back in 2018. Every crowd shot was one big Where’s Waldo of people in awesome hats!

This year, it’s more like hide and seek but with a keen eye, I’ve been able to spot one handmade hat. It’s only a little glimpse, just enough of a tease to keep me looking for more. It’s there, I just have to find it!

There’s a bit more to see, if we expand our search to include machine knits. Still, the pickings are slim. Or maybe I’m just highly selective. Either way, bold lines seem to be doing it for me right now. The first hat I found that I really liked is this white one with the some traveling stitches on a bed of ribbing, perfect for a member of the coaching/support staff waiting at the bottom of the ski slope. I’m not sure who she is, but I’ve seen her in a few different broadcasts now.

On the left here, is a screen shot of Team Austria’s official headwear. Pretty sure it’s brioche, and it’s got some fun striping/color blocking going on with the contrast color. I’ve seen it in hat and headband styles. I approve. Kinda want to make myself a simple brioche headband now. I’d say that’s the definition of successful design.

I liked this hat, the way the colors fade together reminded me of Liberty Wool, from Classic Elite. It’s been sadly discontinued but it was great while it lasted though. Mostly, though, this picture says the crowds are thin and the weather isn’t always that cold.

It’s not over though. There’s still plenty of time for knitwear peeping. Of course, the other half of my enthusiasm for the international sportsball winter games comes from my own entries into the Hat Halfpipe. Yes, the Ravellenic Games are taking place again this year and I’ve managed two medals in the Hat Halfpipe so far.

Nothing too fancy, just some light stashbusting. I did throw a few tricks in…look at that fancy pom pom! The spirit of the games, though, is to challenge oneself. For me, actually, the challenge is taking it easy. It was the games that shall not be named 8 years ago that introduced me to knitting induced repetitive strain injury.

I’ve still got plans for more though and I’m constantly on the look out for awesome hats as I watch, so stay tuned. I’m looking for the Finnish coach who knits too…I haven’t seen him this year but here he is back in 2018.

The games won’t be compete until I find him!

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