A Muni Surprise

My love/hate relationship with riding the bus to work continues.  Crowded buses, no show buses, late buses, buses overrun with stinky dudes…all part of the deal, no surprises there.

No, today’s surprise is pleasant.  sort of.  Turns out I take my best knitting photos on the bus.  I futzed with this silly shawl all morning and couldn’t manage to capture the colors in a decent photo.  Good thing I ride the bus, eh?

I even strung together 3 cords from my interchangeable needles to stretch the whole shawl out…112″!  You can’t really tell it’s a gradient though.

Only a few more trips back & forth until I finish!  I guess I’ll have to take my FO photos on the bus too!  It should make for an especially interesting ride!



    1. FogKnits

      Yup…the exact right combo of bright natural light and shade at the same time. I live one block from one of the big bus yards too…maybe they’ll let me hop on an empty for a few pictures. LOL! That’ll be the day…

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