Shelter in Place: Day 70

Shelter in Place: Day 70, Happy Memorial Day!

There’s plenty of knitting going on, you’ll have to wait to see it though!  Today, it’s all about the cross stitch!  In the age of pandemic, instant gratification is king.  I love getting that hit of accomplishment and I want more.  Cue the cross stitch parade…


I’ve been keeping busy!  :)  So much instant gratification!  It’s the best fix for when the Covid blues rears it’s ugly head!

Not only have I updated my Cross Stitch Gallery page, but my Etsy Shop is stocked and ready to ship!  Check it out!  And if you’ve got an idea, leave me a comment…Maybe I’ll stitch it up!  Inspiration is everywhere!


I’ve got a commercial!


Long time readers will recall this project from last spring.

Sadly, my friend’s bike was stolen.  Thieves stink.  But, it inspired my friend to make a little tribute video/commercial of the project with footage she took during our consultations and fittings!

Check it out…


It’s great, right?  Someday maybe it’ll even run on the local access cable channel…a girl can dream!  Bwahahahahahahaha.


Happy Birthday, MOM!

Here we are…another February 6th has rolled around!  There’s lots to celebrate today!  First, it’s Mom’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom!   Here’s Mom with all the knits…

Appropriate because it’s also the FogKnits third anniversary, here at the blog and over on Etsy.

In honor of today’s special occasions, I’m pleased to announce a new collaboration with Mom and some new products in the FogKnits Etsy shop!  Without a doubt, all of my creativity comes from my Mother.  She’s got an impressive array of creative skills, from cake decorating to yarn dying.  Today, we’re showcasing her skills as a seamstress!


The FogKnits Etsy shop now has a variety of large, cotton, drawstring project bags.  All handmade by Mom!  She’s got a great selection of fabrics and she really took it to heart when I suggested a LARGE size!   In addition to just being big, each bag has a gusset bottom so it expands into a very roomy project bag, easily accommodating sweaters and even afghans in progress!  I kinda wanna keep them all!

Find all the details in the shop at

I’ve added some new knits as well so check those out too!   Thanks for 3 great years of knitting chat and inspiration.  I appreciate all the comments and suggestions!  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!  (HINT:  Knitting for Baby)  Stay tuned for all the details!


Shop Update!


Happy Fall!  I’ve stocked up with lots of new hats for the season!

Happy Shopping!

Shipping is going to be delayed while I’m in Rhinebeck at the NYState Sheep & Wool Festival!  To make up for it, I’m offering free shipping for the next two weeks, just use coupon code ‘Libra’ at checkout!

Orders placed Friday, October 14th through Wednesday, October 19th will be shipped Thursday October 20th!

FO Friday!

Today is a busy day so I’ll just get right to it…

In a bizarre twist of linearity, Wednesday’s WIP is now Friday’s FO.  I didn’t even plan that.  I really intended for Wednesday’s FO to be Friday’s FO.  We’ve got an orphan FO now.  Oh well, we must press on today.  Without further ado, here is the actual Friday FO:


The latest tape hat! Rocky didn’t want to model it either, so we compromised and we’re both in the picture.  I dunno what he’s crabby about…it’s his fault we got up an hour early, not mine!

Today’s real order of business is the 1 year anniversary of FogKnits on Etsy!  Added a whole bunch of new hats to the shop…January was music themed…Recycled Cassettes, Slightly Less Literal Cassettes and Guitars Galore!  It’s not really a party without a coupon code…use the code ‘ElephantElevator’ for 20% off anything in the shop today!  See?  Feels like a party already!

Next week, I promise I’ll finally get to my current favorite WIP (hint: it’s a skirt!!)!  It’s grey right now, I’m hoping it’ll be rainbowy by the time next week gets here!  I’d better get cracking!

Have a great weekend and Happy Knitting!

FogKnits is live!

As I expand my (eventual) knitting empire, this seemed like the next step!  Welcome!  If you aren’t a knitter, you’re probably a friend who knows how much I like to talk about knitting…thanks for indulging me!  I’m planning knitting content mostly…I’d like to say regular features will be the standards like WIP Wednesday and FO Friday but I’m too excited to wait until Friday when I have FO’s to share.  The real meat & potatoes will be the hows & whys of pattern mods (because no one ever follows patterns as written), yarn selection (the real make or break of an FO) and tips & tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

Before I share my first knitting content, there’s a few items of business to discuss.  If you’re impressed with my high quality knitting and my luxury yarns, I sell my work on Etsy.  I can be found there as FogKnits as well!

If you think you’re a better knitter than me and you prefer hard wearing acrylic yarns instead, good news…I have patterns available for you!  Again, as FogKnits on Ravelry and Etsy!  Happy Knitting!  I’d love to see any FO’s you make from my patterns!