Broken Seed Stitch

My new year is off to a promising start. I have my health. (Most of the time. I’ve gotten to the age where lactose intolerance has become a thing. It’s not Covid though.)

I hope your problems are similarly trivial. Maybe, for you, it’s the weather. I know my friends and family back east are all dealing with some uncomfortably cold weather. That’s why I have to do this…

(Sorry, not sorry.)

After a lot of rain, we’re having a few nice days. It’s made the daily walk even more scenic that usual. Don’t worry though, it’s not THAT nice. It’s still sweater & cowl weather. Perfect timing to finish a pair of cowls.

Thanks to these two projects, broken seed stitch has become my new favorite texture stitch. It’s easy to do, just insert a knit row between seed stitch rows. K1, P1 for a row. Knit a row. P1, K1 for a row. Knit a row. Repeat. It’s more complicated to write out than it is to execute.

The results are equally beautiful in one color or two. Perhaps my favorite broken seed stitch attribute though, it allows the yarn to be the star of the show.

That’s it really. Broken Seed Stitch is terrific. Give it a try. If you like it even half as much as I do, that’ll be a lot.


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