FO Friday – Fuck Cancer

If there’s one thing I like as much as knitting, it’s profanity.  I just love that four little letters can be so naughty.  The whole thing is just ridiculous.

‘Don’t say that word, it’s unbecoming of a lady’

Fuck that!

The jolt of joy that comes from uttering one little taboo word is more than enough to keep me going back.  I’m like that rat that keeps pressing the button for more food!

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Even as I type that, I’m giggling.  I see nothing wrong with it.  It’s a victimless crime.  I refuse to deny myself the pleasure.

And that’s before the whole cancer thing.

Fuck THAT!

Cancer stinks.  A dear friend, often referred to as a fucker,  (Yes, even my favorite term of endearment towards my friends is profane.  there’s no stopping now.  I’m all in with the F-word.), is undergoing chemo at the moment.  The prognosis is good but still, fuck cancer.


In reality, I know too many people dealing with cancer at the moment.  There will be more of these in the near future.

Check out my Ravelry page for details!

Pattern:  F*ck Cancer Hat

Yarn:  Knitpicks Chroma


FO Friday, now with more Cashmere

I have managed to squeak out the first FO of 2017!  No surprise, it’s a cashmere hat!

The yarn is from JoJoland.  They sell it as Sport Weight but it’s not.  I think they’ve labeled it that way to keep from scaring people off with the word ‘fingering’.

The pattern is a sequence knitting inspired design, so it’s more of a non-pattern.  I did a bit of 1×1 ribbing but after that it’s all knit 3, purl 2.   I would say it doesn’t get easier except I find asymmetric ribbing to be a challenge.  My brain knows what to do but my hands really want it to be K2, P2.   I picked an uneven sequence intentionally, to challenge my hands but also to up the texture.  K2, P2 has a certain predictability to it.   This particular texture appears a bit more random, even if it’s not.

I should call it my chaos theory hat.  A small  change — one stitch — has a bit effect and if you’re going to predict chaos, no better way to do it than knitting.  :)

There’s still 10 days until February but I feel a Finish It February coming on strong already!  I’m gonna try really hard to go all weekend without casting on!!  Wish me luck!


WIP Wednesday*


*Turns out having a job has nothing to do with knowing what day of the week it is.  I went from having one day a week – always saturday, to having two days a week – workday or weekend – the calendar is still pretty irrelevant.  And work continues to occupy all the best hours of the day so knitting progress is slow.

I did find time to cast on the first hat of 2017 though.  While reading about the history of the bagel! I love the use of Yiddishists here.  What a great word!


The yarn is cashmere and the pattern is a sequence inspired knit.  This yarn has lovely stitch definition so I knew I wanted to show off a texture.  It’s destined for a man’s head so I didn’t want to go overboard with something lacy.  Sequence knitting is exactly what the occasion calls for!  I cast on whatever amount of stitches (it happened to 114) and my sequence is a multiple of 5 (K3, P2).  It’s perfect for the amount of time I have to knit these days.  I can pick up & put it down with complete disregard of the pattern.  No need to say ‘just let me finish this row’.

I’ve made it through the toe increases of my next sock as well!  Another project that will satisfy my need to process knit for the next few days.


I love the way the stripes are fading into each other!  The stitches are just so tiny.  I found an easy rhythm with the size 0 needles I used for my last socks so I’m hoping by the time I get to the heel turn I won’t be so fixated on how tiny these 00 needles are.  At this point, every stitch takes a bit of attention.  I’m looking forward to getting to those meditative qualities back.  My sock knitting career might be short lived if I don’t get there.

The countdown to the long weekend is on…I can’t wait!! So. Much. Knitting. Time!!!!