Sunset Mercantile, December 11th


Sunset Holiday Mercantile

Sunday December 11th, one week from today!

Shop FogKnits in Golden Gate Park!

11 am – 4 pm

Hall of Flowers (9th & Lincoln)

This event promises excitement and thrills!  :)  Enjoy shopping for handmade holiday gifts with local artisans.  Refresh yourself with local food trucks and even a local beer garden!  There will be pinball, storytelling, live music and arts & crafts!  Come join the fun and be sure to say hello!  Fellow knitters always welcome!

Click here for full details on the FB Event Page

Free Pattern Friday: The Dude Hat

Happy Black Friday?!?

Welcome to my Black Friday Boycott!  I’m not buying things today.  I’m not shopping sales.  I’m not looking for deals.  No…I’m giving stuff away!

It’s Free Pattern Friday!  The Dude Edition.


If you’ve always wanted to knit a Dude sweater but don’t have the persistence to finish such a grand undertaking, have I got the hat for you!

The Dude Hat by FogKnits

Bring cult classic, The Big Lebowski to your wardrobe this winter with a super soft hat, inspired by The Dude (El Duderino, if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing) himself. Knit from a super soft baby alpaca, this hat is a reproduction of the sweater worn by The Dude in the film.  (If you haven’t seen it, google will tell you all about it!)

Happy Free Pattern Friday!  I hope you get to enjoy a few quiet moments knitting this weekend, and throughout the holiday season.

If you happen to knit this hat, I’d love to hear about it!  I haven’t put it on Ravelry yet but you can browse my individual project pages here and here.  Pattern feedback is always welcome!


Friday Photo Dump

Here’s all the random photos I’ve been collecting on my desktop.  I’m cleaning up and getting rid of this clutter!  (because digital cleaning is so much nicer than actual cleaning!)

This is from the short row hat binge two weeks back.  I like the colors, I like the shaping, I like the fit, I like all the wedges, I like the stockinette texture!  I do wish the short rows were just a bit less harsh.  I used the standard wrap and turn for the short rows.  My intention is to try YO short rows and/or German short rows to improve it.  I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  It’s on the list.  Soon come.

I’m really putting the hiker into this Hitchhiker.  It’s been on the go and making good progress.  This was a particularly photogenic day in Golden Gate Park.  It’s had me wishing I was back in Iceland.  I stood in front of a lot of waterfalls taking selfies wearing that hat in Iceland!

Several days later, the sun came out briefly.  I had to run and hide in the nearest bar I could find.  And this happened…


What you don’t see is the Golden State Warriors logo, painted on the window next to the Warriors graphic you do see.  The whole Warriors mashup has always tickled my fancy, so shadows and the garter ridges lining up just right and then there’s that weird green dot?  It must be a fairy.  I don’t think there could be any other explanation for it?


and then, my mom painted me a sock blank!  I can’t wait to get started!  I’m trying to talk myself into socks but it’s not going well.  I think it needs to become something that will be seen!  I want to see these colors!

And then, Rocky didn’t get mad when I forced him to be a pom pom photo prop.  He didn’t help much though.


And then, Trillium Sequoia’s birth announcement showed up with this photo.  Trillium is the white flower on the hat, the pinecones are from a Sequoia.  The whole thing is just so sweet!  I find it irresistible.  And they did a very nice job of hiding just how huge the hat really it.  I don’t really know how big babies are?  She’ll be growing into it soon enough.  Perhaps a dress to match?  (this is how I end up with 10 projects on the needles…)

I have done a little de-cluttering around the house.  I came across a bag of stuff from my cross stitching days.  I always wanted the back to be clean.  Looking at it now, I’m completely impressed with myself.  I don’t have the patience or focus for it anymore.  Every time I try to cross stitch now, I fling it down out of total boredom and disinterest in about 9 minutes.  I loved it once upon a time though. How else do I explain that pheasant??

And with that, my desktop is clear and it’s time to start the weekend!  Hope you have a good one :)


Hello and Welcome to all the new followers out there!

Last week, I got an email from Ben the WordPress Editor.  He told me he didn’t knit but he found my knitting photos ‘inviting and engaging’.  He wasn’t just blowing sunshine up my skirt either, I was going to be an editor’s pick over at WordPress Discover.  And suddenly, there’s a whole gaggle of new readers.  Welcome, Welcome!  It’s lovely having you.

Introductions can be so awkward!  I’ll go first…My name is Emily, I like to knit.  I live in San Francisco, where it is frequently foggy.  I really like that.  I like to knit in public.  Things like this happen … golden gate bridge baker beach knitting shawl in progress westknits stephen west rockefeller mkal

I’ve got a completely incurable case of Castonitis.  Despite repeating ‘I’m not going to cast on’ as if it were my mantra, things like this happen (at an alarming rate)…

I have a strict 10 WIP policy.  Although, there’s been a slight policy adjustment, a new corollary, if you will.  If cast on and bind off occur in the same day, it will not count towards the 10 WIP limit.  So far, so good.  I reserve the right to draft new corollaries as necessary.

I don’t usually classify myself a shawl knitter because I like to knit many things.  I do knit a lot of shawls though.  I’m especially fond of WestKnits.

I also knit a lot of hats.  Big fan of instant gratification.

Mostly, I just like to knit.  (to be read:  i hate purling).  I’m predominately a process knitter.  As long as the needles are clicking, I’m good.

You can find me in all the usually places as FogKnits, Ravelry (i’m slightly obsessive about my project pages),Etsy (a couple patterns, mostly ready-to-wear knits), Instagram (not sure this link will actually work.

So, thanks for stopping in and come back tomorrow, I’ve got WIPs & FOs of all sorts to share this week!  Say hi in the comments, I look forward to meeting you all!


Right on Schedule!

Once a year, I get bit by the crochet bug.  Last June, this happened



It was lots of fun to do.  The instant gratification factor left me saying I should really crochet more.  It’s only taken me a year to act on that.

As if on cue, I can across this link to a crochet tutorial over the weekend. The time had come, something tempted back into crochet!  Just a few short hours later, my hook was on the move.  I love it!  It’s a crochet version of entrelac.


What started as messing around with a swatch has grown into a full blown project!  I blame the yarn…Mini Mochi!  Stripes make everything more fun!  My current goal is a shawl but ‘shawlette’ may be a better term.


That’s the current state of affairs.  One ball of Mini Mochi done, one more to go.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s enough.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet.

(Yes, I do…let’s face it, I’m going to buy more yarn.  I’m just in denial right now!)



Is it Caturday yet?


It’s the internet, isn’t every day Caturday?  Because progress shots of a stupid black hat are not that exciting, today I have cat pictures for your enjoyment!



I frequently have large piles of knitwear and yarn laying around.  The fur ball lays around quite a bit too.  Occasionally the two intersect.


It gets me every time, he’s just so cute sitting on a pile of yarn.


Cue the crazy cat lady music…


…because I saved the best for last!  My sister’s kitty still loves to dress up!  This is the latest picture I’ve gotten from her!  Because what else goes with a unicorn horn and a floral sundress but heart socks?





Rockefeller Expansion


Sorry, no time for chatting today!  I picked up the needles yesterday and I just can’t stop!  My Rockefeller shawl is finally feeling like a shawl, the rows have gotten longer and the pattern is committed to memory!  I’m definitely gaining momentum on this one!


It looks a bit like Pac-Man today!  Who am I to argue with him?  He doesn’t stop so neither will I!  Just keep knitting!

FO Friday – The Landmark Series

I have a list of knitting ideas, it’s not short.  It’s pretty much knit all the things.  Everything is always on the list.  I can’t help it…I have big plans (at least when it comes to knitting!)  The list is so long, it’s a miracle anything gets done.  Winnowing down the list is a task that causes paralysis when faced with it’s sheer enormity.

Unless, of course, you keep in mind, it’s just knitting.  There are no knitting police.  I can do anything I want, including re-order the list at will. Twice a day if necessary.

What’s the point?  Early this week, roughly Monday, I had an Idea.  It got added to the list with little fanfare.  There’s so much on the list, I often forget large parts of it.  This idea though, it had legs!  It started marching itself right up the list.  It glommed on to the Hat Binge already in progress.  Smart move.  It made friends with the lonely Surface Crochet idea, a sweet thing to do.  The lynch pin though, parking itself right next to Mom’s Hand Dyed yarn.


Suddenly, there I was, knitting hats on the bus.  This is indeed Mom’s yarn.  It came to me balled up so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the colors.  Turns out it spirals beautifully!  Some people hate this effect but not me, I love it!  Especially for this project — The San Francisco Landmark Series!  It reminds me of the fog rolling in!  I love the fog so this makes me happy!

The finishing touch is a local landmark done in surface crochet!  It’s a fiddly technique but I’m happy with my execution.  My art skills leave something to be desired though.

First, we’ve got Sutro Tower!  It’s a 977 ft antenna on the highest peak in San Francisco.  It’s generally considered to be ugly.  San Franciscans have traditionally hated it but I think the times have changed.  It’s a thing the locals (or those who strive to be local) love now.  Anyone can love the Golden Gate Bridge, after all.  Takes a true aficionado to love Sutro Tower!

I’m okay with it.  I’m even pretty pleased with my version of it!

My Golden Gate Bridge, on the other hand, needs a bit of work.  ggbinprogress

That is not recognizable as the Golden Gate Bridge.  It needs to be wider and just bigger in general.  After finishing the ‘Hat’ Hat, I intentionally went for a small motif.  Not a great choice.  The Golden Gate Bridge is not a trivial little thing.  It can’t be reduced to a little patch.

fogknits golden gate bridge

I know what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like, after all.  I can do better!  I’m happy with one success and one work in progress though.  It’s still only Friday morning, I’ve got time.  This idea has grown leaps and bounds already.  It’s not as though I’ve run out of yarn!  Ha!

Now for shameless, self-promotion!

I’ve updated the shop!   Check it out here…FogKnits on Etsy!

You’ll find Sutro Tower, the Hat Hat and a few more beauties! There’s going to be a shawl update next week!

Thanks for looking!

Adama for my Mama

It’s a big day here at the FogKnits headquarters!  It’s my Mom’s birthday! Whooo-hoo!  Happy Birthday Mom!  It also happens to be the FogKnits One Year Blogiversary!  Whoo-hoo!  I didn’t realize it at the time but I’ve set myself up to have a great FO revealed on the blogiversary every year!  Mom’s birthday only comes once a year after all!  Some people send love with flowers or candy, some people cook amazing meals, some people prefer jewels.  I send love with cashmere!


…MCN in this case!  This is Big Sister from YOTH Yarns, an 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon blend in DK weight.  It’s an absolute dream to work with!


They did a local trunk show several months back and I stocked up!  I knew instantly I wanted a pink Puppy, that’s what they call the gradient on a stick!  One of a kind colors in one of a kind gradient combinations!  And they sell out everywhere they go!  These Puppies are a hot commodity and now that I’ve used one, I understand why!


It’s got beautiful hand, lovely stitch definition, delightful spring, gorgeous tonal variations.  There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe it!  Throw in a little gradient action and WOW!  Even the simplest FOs are guaranteed to be nothing short of stunning!


The pattern is Adama by Hillary Smith Callis.  I love the pattern too.  It was written for worsted weight, not DK but I followed the pattern without modification for a smaller garment.


Originally designed as a sort of shawl-cowl hybrid that can be worn down over the shoulders, I got a large bandana sort of cowl.  It fits close around the neck and can be pulled up over the face.   It’s perfect, I’ll definitely be repeating this pattern!  I didn’t even mind knitting lace.  Me…lace…what??  Yeah, it was that good!  I wanna do it again!  Best part…I can!  This cowl only used half the Puppy.  I can make another one in the reverse gradient!  Oh yeah!

So…Happy Birthday MOM!  If you don’t like it…send it back!  I’ll wear two! :)


I’m Doodling!


I’m Doodling!  Yay!  As if I didn’t love Stephen enough already, he released Clue One at least 12 hours early!  Thank you Stephen!

Although, I might suggest The Metamorphosis as the new name for this MKAL.  We started off with a hungry little caterpillar…


And then it started to grow…


…into a beautiful butterfly!


I wish my colors had better contrast but if I were a butterfly, I’d be pretty stoked to have these wings!  I can do high contrast on my next one!   (which may happen 3 hours from now! ha!)

Now for the part where I curse Stephen a little bit every wedge, Break Color B.  Really??  I’m still weaving ends from my last WestKnit short-row,  garter stitch shawl.  Here’s the ‘honest’ photo of my progress thus far…


Ugh!  But the i-cord edge is the perfect little hiding pocket for an unused strand up the edge of the shawl!  So no more, I refuse to Break Color B again.  Here’s a couple action shots, just in case you also curse like a sailor while weaving in ends.

This is the first time you work the Color A i-cord, the initial insertion of Color B into the center of the i-cord.  I’ve brought Color B (the light) over Color A (the dark), effectively doing a wrap to lock my tail in place.


Here’s the next i-cord row on the same edge.  At this point, I don’t wrap Color A (dark) and Color B (light).  Color B comes straight up, Color A simply passes behind it and goes along it’s merry way.


Here’s the result, a neat edge with no ends to weave and no sign of an unsightly carry up the edge!


Of course, this is really just trading one hassle for another…having Color B attached the whole time means yarn management becomes a thing, to avoid tangles.  Totally worth it to avoid all those silly ends though!

Here’s the pool I’m contemplating for my second set of colors…


So much yarn…so little time!  At least it’s finally the weekend!