Shelter in Place: Day 70

Shelter in Place: Day 70, Happy Memorial Day!

There’s plenty of knitting going on, you’ll have to wait to see it though!  Today, it’s all about the cross stitch!  In the age of pandemic, instant gratification is king.  I love getting that hit of accomplishment and I want more.  Cue the cross stitch parade…


I’ve been keeping busy!  :)  So much instant gratification!  It’s the best fix for when the Covid blues rears it’s ugly head!

Not only have I updated my Cross Stitch Gallery page, but my Etsy Shop is stocked and ready to ship!  Check it out!  And if you’ve got an idea, leave me a comment…Maybe I’ll stitch it up!  Inspiration is everywhere!


WIP Wednesday

The progress on my Striped Esjan is slow but steady!  I’m nearly ready to make the switch from body to border.  I may have to stash dive again to come up with more color choices.  We’ll see…this sucker is definitely eating up the yarn!

I’m still spending most of my time preparing for the SFEtsy Holiday Emporium!  I feel a Bah Humbug coming on…

Here’s the details, if you’ll be in San Francisco Thanksgiving weekend!


Now, back to the stitching and the booth building!  There’s still loads to be done!

Sunset Mercantile, December 11th


Sunset Holiday Mercantile

Sunday December 11th, one week from today!

Shop FogKnits in Golden Gate Park!

11 am – 4 pm

Hall of Flowers (9th & Lincoln)

This event promises excitement and thrills!  :)  Enjoy shopping for handmade holiday gifts with local artisans.  Refresh yourself with local food trucks and even a local beer garden!  There will be pinball, storytelling, live music and arts & crafts!  Come join the fun and be sure to say hello!  Fellow knitters always welcome!

Click here for full details on the FB Event Page

FO Friday – Happy Yellow Hedgehog!

When it rains, it pours!  This has been a crazy week.  Election Day and serving as a pollworker, my next set of knitting classes started, tomorrow is the big craft fair day and I’ve been on the phone with recruiters about a potential job at Genentech.  Woweee!  My head doesn’t even have time to spin, it’s been so busy!   And yet, there’s still time to knit.

There’s always time to knit!  I finished up a last minute hat for the craft fair and adorned it with a couple of cute buttons!  They were total impulse purchase at the craft store a few weeks back.


I can’t think of a better talisman than a happy yellow hedgehog right now.  He’s got a prickly defense system at the ready but for now, he’s smiling and enjoying the company of a cute little mushroom.


I’ve been making signs for my booth too.  Hopefully their homemade-ness is endearing and not too childlike.  LOL.  I’m working with what I’ve got, which is a black & white printer and colored pencils.  Also, a glue stick.  I enjoy a good crafternoon, regardless of the outcome.

My Shawls & Scarves sign is my favorite, certainly the most elegant.   I used a bit of grey bamboo yarn to make an icord strap as a hanger for it.   And I think the it’s appropriate to have the Sale sign resemble knitted rainbow clown barf.  LOL.  Perhaps for the next one, I’ll change a few things up to have a more cohesive look.  For now, this is it!

Wish me luck!  I’ll surely update you as to how it went! (The job too…it’s a fast track sort of thing, I could be working in under two weeks, if it all works out!  Crazy!)