Doodler Decision Time

Clue Four has arrived!  I finished Clue Three just in time!


Now it’s decision time!  Clue Four comes with options!  I can do an i-cord bind off.  I can do a garter edge and then an i-cord bind off.  I can do a garter edge with an i-cord bind off and picot embellishments.   And of course, I can do whatever I want with the colors.   I am officially out of A & C.   I can continue in B (that’s the light grey color) or I can add another color.  Here’s my option for Color D…


It’s the color I wanted, initially, instead of the grey but my LYS only got it this week.  I have enough B left and in the name of stashbusting, I should just use it up.  I’m really draw to a fourth color though (and I bought it, so it’s really stashbusting either way!)  What to do?  So many choices and only one thing is certain, they are all awesome!! I can’t go wrong, they will all be lovely options.  I really love this MKAL.  The Doodler is awesome!  Stephen West is awesome!  And now it’s the weekend…Let’s Knit!!


    1. FogKnits

      I contemplated that but then I looked at some spoiler photos and decided the picots looked like boogers. I think maybe the spotty nature of the picots is what did it. They’re just in a couple places, not along the entire edge.

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