The Doodler: Clue 3 (In Which Improvising Goes Awry)

I expected to have Clue 3 done by today.  As usual, Stephen had different plans.  This is all the progress I’ve got to show for my weekend.


Wedge 1 is complete!  I’m calling that a win for the moment!  Now how to proceed?   Wedge 1 has left me with 70 g of a 100 g skein, meaning Wedge 1 used 30 g.  We all know these wedges grow…I am doubtful that 70 g is enough to complete 2 more wedges.


I thought, perhaps, I could stretch my yardage by adding a stripe of Color B between wedges.  It’s still a solid plan.  Unfortunately, my execution left something to be desired.  I put my stripe on the wrong side…I had unsightly purl bumps.  I usually wave off ‘mistakes’ and embrace ‘design features’ but this was too much.  Purl bumps are just TOO offensive.  So I set about to tink back two 500+ stitch rows.   It’s taken days.  There may have even been a trip to the timeout corner.  I stopped short of corporal punishment, though.  That wouldn’t have benefitted anyone.

So, new plan…knit until I run out, add more colors as necessary.  Rainbow stripes are the best design feature ever, anyhow!



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