I’m Doodling!


I’m Doodling!  Yay!  As if I didn’t love Stephen enough already, he released Clue One at least 12 hours early!  Thank you Stephen!

Although, I might suggest The Metamorphosis as the new name for this MKAL.  We started off with a hungry little caterpillar…


And then it started to grow…


…into a beautiful butterfly!


I wish my colors had better contrast but if I were a butterfly, I’d be pretty stoked to have these wings!  I can do high contrast on my next one!   (which may happen 3 hours from now! ha!)

Now for the part where I curse Stephen a little bit every wedge, Break Color B.  Really??  I’m still weaving ends from my last WestKnit short-row,  garter stitch shawl.  Here’s the ‘honest’ photo of my progress thus far…


Ugh!  But the i-cord edge is the perfect little hiding pocket for an unused strand up the edge of the shawl!  So no more, I refuse to Break Color B again.  Here’s a couple action shots, just in case you also curse like a sailor while weaving in ends.

This is the first time you work the Color A i-cord, the initial insertion of Color B into the center of the i-cord.  I’ve brought Color B (the light) over Color A (the dark), effectively doing a wrap to lock my tail in place.


Here’s the next i-cord row on the same edge.  At this point, I don’t wrap Color A (dark) and Color B (light).  Color B comes straight up, Color A simply passes behind it and goes along it’s merry way.


Here’s the result, a neat edge with no ends to weave and no sign of an unsightly carry up the edge!


Of course, this is really just trading one hassle for another…having Color B attached the whole time means yarn management becomes a thing, to avoid tangles.  Totally worth it to avoid all those silly ends though!

Here’s the pool I’m contemplating for my second set of colors…


So much yarn…so little time!  At least it’s finally the weekend!


  1. shellssells

    After seeing all the pictures all over the internet, I am seriously considering this one. But, even if I don’t make it, I will be enjoying following along! I really like your second set of colors. (The solids in particular!)

    Liked by 1 person

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