Rhinebeck Round Up

I don’t even know where to start! Rhinebeck packed so much into two days…yarn, fall, a little bit of winter, friends old & new, sheep, llamas, goats and oh yeah…yarn!

First of all…don’t go on Saturday.  It was an absolute mob scene.  I enjoy fellow knitters normally.  That was not the case on Saturday.  The crowd was oppressive.  Waiting for the crowd to die down on Sunday  is the best advice nobody gave me.

The biggest crowd seemed to be those clamoring for Miss Babs limited edition Rhinebeck color way. I tried twice Saturday but gave up in defeat.  Sunday I braved the crowd and managed to get my hands on two skeins of DK weight Kaweah in the sacred color.

I like it well enough but I don’t have plans for it.  It may end up in my stash on Ravelry ‘For Sale or Trade’.

Here’s the rest of my new stash…

In the front are two skeins from Gale’s Art, if I can find a third in the stash I think they’ll become this fall’s MKAL from Stephen West!

The neon green skeins are from Wild Hare Fiber Co.  I couldn’t leave without some neon!  I think they’ll become the Jolly Roger shawl.  Sorry, normally I’d link it but posting from the phone is a pain.  It’s a crescent shape, stockinette body and lace border with a skull motif.  I’ve got Halloween on the brain!

The single grey skein is from Neighborhood Fiber Company.  I’ve got a gradient kit, I’m hoping this will stripe well with!  If not, you can never have too much grey in the stash.  It’s definitely my favorite neutral!

Aside from shopping, there was goat petting…

Knitwear admiring…

Leaf peeping…

Llama leaping… (Or not!)

And of course, more shopping…


 And now, it’s time to KNIT!!!


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