2020 Year in Review

Here’s a Year in Review that isn’t dreadful.  2020: A Year of Yarn!  I did a bunch of knitting this year (36 projects – mostly hats and shawl).  I wanted to accomplish more but I think that’s every year.  I kept the stash acquisition to a reasonable level. (I’ll leave the definition of reasonable up to each individual.)  I shared a lot of pictures of yarn in piles. It’s probably the thing I did most.

I love piles of yarn.  I love making piles of yarn.  I love photographing piles of yarn.  I love moving them from the desk to the table and then back to the desk. I love letting it linger on the bookshelf or over on the love seat.  It’s all part of the process.  The mood has to be right to cast on.  Things need to be mulled over.  Proper pattern and yarn pairings are crucial to a projects success.  It can’t be rushed and needs to be carefully considered.  (At least until I cast on and then decide to toss the entire pattern out the window because, obviously, I know better.

I shared a few selfies.  I shared a few cute nephew pics.  We’re even taking pictures together for a while!  It’s definitely the highlight of my year.  (even if he keeps stealing my phone.)

My sweater count for the year will be 4…3 for Marcus, only 1 for myself.  But he’s so cute, I can’t resist making him sweaters.  I managed 16 hats and I made myself 9 shawls so it’s not like I’m cold anytime soon!

And of course, there was a lot of cross stitching.

As I reflect on my handcrafted works of 2020, it’s inevitable that thoughts turn to the work of 2021.  I have big plans, as always.  I’m eyeing a couple different sweater quantities of yarn for myself.  I’m also eyeing every yarn shop in the country.  When I finally drive back to San Francisco, I’ll be looking for yarn shops.  I don’t have any sort of plan…no timeline, no route planned.  But I do have a list of shops I’d like to visit.  Do Ewe Knit in North Jersey.  The Quarter Stitch in NOLA.  Loop in Tulsa.  I’ve got suggestions for Dallas and Texas.  Always looking for more though, let me know if you’ve visited a great yarn shop I should put on my list.  The farther south, the better!

Now, it’s off to start those sleeves so I can finish that sweater!


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