FO Thursday – Striped Rays

garter stitch

In a come-from-behind surprise, It’s another FO day!  Woooo!  This time it’s my Striped Rays that is done.



There may be a few ends to weave.

This pattern (Dotted Rays by Stephen West) was terrific for using up oddments of all shapes and sizes.  Ends are the price I pay for stashbusting.  I love to see all those weird little bits find a forever home!  I saved them for a long time, knowing the perfect project would come along and it finally did.  I’m so happy for them.  They’re very happy oddments now.

They aren’t that odd after all, they’re just late bloomers.

dotted rays

I should take this on the plane tomorrow and force myself to do the ends but we all know that won’t happen.   Especially when I can look at this and pretend it’s already done!

striped rays westknits dotted rays shawl stashbusting scraps

No, the ride to Rhinebeck calls for exciting knitting, not end weaving.  I still haven’t decided yet and now it’s officially time to pack!!

fogknits selfie

Hope you all have a knitterly weekend…I certainly will!

Rhinebeck or Bust!


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