Civic Center Yarn Bomb Update

Remember these yarns bombs down by city hall?  I’m happy to report they’ve gotten an update, including touchups to the current critters and a few new friends!

The parrots had to be retired but the giraffes and the giant squid are looking great again.  It’s really nice to see these critters having their lives extended.  The amount of work is immense and the attention to detail has only increased as the project progresses!


First, in the sea category (there’s a land, sea and air theme going on), is a pair of sea otters.  There aren’t many acceptable uses for fun fur, this is one of them!  These guys are so cute and furry! Perfect place for fun fur!


I love the eyes on the clams, so much personality in them!


If we look beyond the otters, you can see the other new addition to the menagerie…a pair of chameleons.


There’s a hint of red back on the right side and even a bit of a pink tongue sticking out.


I mean, what do you really say about this…


…they’ve got all the details from the eyes and the tongues right on down to the prehensile tails!


Probably because I’ve still got the Olympics (and I, Tonya) on the brain, I’m especially delighted with the bit of background fabric for stabilization.

I don’t remember when I discovered there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny but I do remember figuring out ice skaters had flesh toned bits of fabric holding their impossibly revealing costumes together.   Knowing how the magic happened, somehow, made it even better.  It’s probably my favorite detail of this project.  A reflection on the thought that went into designing these guys and the craftsmanship that went into their execution.


The gang’s all here…just behind the chameleons, off to the left, you can see the giraffes hanging out.  I can’t wait to see what comes next!  If they’re sticking to the theme, the next addition should be something in the air.  I don’t know how they’ll top the wild parrots but I’m sure they will.  This project has not disappointed yet!



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