Schitt’s Creek PSA

Today, I’m here to tell you, you should be watching Schitt’s Creek.  It’s a really funny show with great characters but more importantly, great sweater watching!  I know I’m not the only one constantly scoping out knitwear on tv.

This is David.  He’s the sweater king.  His color palate is limited but he makes up for it with bold stripes and lots of texture.   He’s definitely got a thing for mohair.  At one point, moths get into his cashmere.  He builds a cedar box for storage.  Who hasn’t been there?

Then there’s this guy…

schitts creek sweater purl side out

Clearly a show not afraid of controversy.  I mean, purl side out??  C’mon.   I’m not a fan of the purl side out look but this guy made it work.  If you notice the zipper, you’ll see they actually made this sweater this way.  It’s not simply turned inside out.  Bold fashion choices, indeed.

schitts creek davids knit hat lice

Of course, if you want something more knitable.  They’ve got that too.  Here’s a hat David wore.  and, here’s the pattern for it…Schitt’s Creek Lice Hat from Designs by Muggins.   It also reminds me of the free pattern from Tin Can Knits, Antler Hat.   It’s a classic cable with lots of permutations!

So, do yourself a favor, next time you sit down to Knitflix, check out Schitt’s Creek.  It’s a really great show.  It’s Daniel Levy and his father Eugene (think Best in Show, American Pie) along with Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice, Home Alone).  There’s 3 seasons on Netflix.  It’s a lovely break from reality.

I’ve never wanted to knit a black and white mohair sweater so much!  You just never know where you’ll find inspiration!


Maker Faire


I spent my weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire!  Spirit animals abounded!  Alternate modes of transportation were everywhere!


There was so much to see, I barely scratched the surface! I spent most of my time in the Needle Arts Zone, teaching knitting and crochet!  They were also teaching spinning, weaving, cross stitch and needlepoint!


I definitely made a few new knitters this weekend.  It was great to see how many people were interested in sitting down for an hour or more to knit.  With so much to see and do, I certainly didn’t expect the knitting section to be so popular.  I had 2-3 students at any given time.  There were 5-6 other volunteers working the knit & crochet section too.

Some people were just messing around, but the number of people taking it serious was awesome!  And they all got to take their yarn and needles home so hopefully they’ll stick with it.  The world needs more knitters!

I did break away from the knitting long enough to check out Tubby Wubby, the next booth over.  They were selling the cutest little sewing kits.


All the bits are pre-cut and stuck to the instruction card.  The needle is pre-threaded.  The instructions have clear diagrams.  It really seemed set up for success so I gave it a try and signed up for 3 months!  They sent me home with a cow.  I was really excited to try it out.


It took me about an hour and it turned out so cute!!


Without a doubt, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever sewn!  I can’t wait for Dolly the Llama to show up in June!  She’s getting stitched right up!

In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently with my knitting…




Saturday Linkage

I’m off to my first Maker Faire today.  I’m volunteering to teach knitting in the NeedleArts Zone.  With the exception of the giant crowd, I’m looking forward to it!

In the meantime, here’s a few fiber related videos to keep you entertained!

Some super cute border collies meeting sheep for the first time…

It’s pretty amazing to see how instinctual herding behavior is.

This one is a bit longer but definitely worth a few minutes.  It’s a gorgeous short documentary about the sustainability of wool and what it means to the fashion supply chain.

New Zealand and Tasmania are definitely dream vacations for me.  Some day…

Yarn & Coffee, Santa Fe

I originally thought I’d visit the Albuquerque yarn shop on LYS Day. Instead, I ended up at Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe! Turns out they were participating in Casapinka’s Local Yarn Shawl promotion and the Albuquerque store wasn’t. I definitely wanted Casapinka’s pattern.

Yarn tour is a definite success! My plastic backpack is nearly full! I bought a couple skeins of Dream in Color. Not a brand everyone carries, no one in the SF Bay Area that I know of. It fits the ‘something I can’t get at home’ bill. I think this combo, Mesa and Dune will be for the Casapinka shawl.

Overall, I really enjoyed Yarn & Coffee. It felt the most like my living room of all the shops I’ve visited. The owner was lovely. The other patrons were lovely. It was very inviting. I’d definitely shop here if I was a local!

Did a little Sunday driving in the area too. The Jemez Mountains are spectacular! I visited a waterfall above 8000 feet! That thin air is really something!

I’ve got more pics to share but they’ll have to wait. I’m off to see Walter White’s house and then, Roswell! That’s way more exciting than waiting for hotel wi-fi!

On the Road Again…

Back on the road again. Goodbye Nevada, Hello Arizona! I saw Lake Mead and I entered giant cactus land! Then it was the Hoover Dam!

I was too late for the tour but it’s still pretty neat just walking around. After that, time for some driving. Arizona has lots of pretty rocks to look at!

Today includes another yarn stop…Purl in the Pines in Flagstaff. I’m feeling good about this one! Friyay, indeed!

Sin City Knit Shop

On my 7th day, I finally made it to Las Vegas’ yarn shop…Sin City Knit Shop. First though, there was a stop at Bad Owl Cafe, a Harry Potter themed coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee (or butter beer) but I thought the understated theme was pretty awesome.

After that, it was off to Sin City Knit Shop. It was a lovely visit to a well appointed shop with friendly staff.

The woman who greeted us (because after my music friends left, a knitting friend showed up two hours later! Woooo!) knew the tourist drill, she instantly showed us to the local yarns.

They had a selection of local yarns (in multiple gauges), as well as some super cute project bags (awesome fabric selection!) It was the fur Pom Poms that really caught my eye though…

…the price, yes. But more importantly, check out that snap! Not only does it give amazing stability, it gives amazing flexibility. A Pom Pom that’s entirely and easily removed or reattached at any moment. Genius!! I didn’t buy any, but I love that they exist.

And then, there’s the shawl wall! All amazing! So many terrific samples!

I did buy a couple things…

The bottom three aren’t mine, just the top four. It’s a great pile though. Mine are a local hand dye, a purple Mirasol yarn for my current WIP, Kiwi from Zealana (a New Zealand possum yarn) and a skein of Cashmere 16 Fine (a cashmere merino blend with a super springy chain construction. It’s so light and lofty. Can’t wait to use it!)

Next stop: New Mexico’s self proclaimed premier yarn shop in Albuquerque! They have wolf hair yarn…super curious!

The Vegas Mid-Point

I made it to Las Vegas but not before I saw a shoe repair shop shaped like a shoe and the worlds tallest thermometer.

I stopped at the worlds second largest open pit mine in Boron, Ca too! They mine borates. It was a neat stop. Then, I finally made it to Vegas.

The Bender Jamboree was awesome! Four days of bluegrass in a fun, intimate setting! I’m typically a back of the room concert goer. I like having space to move and I don’t like the jostling and aggression one needs to hold their space in front. Not a problem here, when bluegrass legend Del McCoury is watching…everyone behaves!

I definitely spent more time on the rail than usual. So many of my favs played, they were all great. I really have to stretch to find a complaint.

I even managed some time to knit, at the pool of all places. There was lots of shade! Whoever designed this pool should get an award! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a pool anywhere that was so lovely. And that mural!! Absolutely love it.

I’m still working on the Dotted Rays pair, I only brought the pink/red one with me. It’s making good progress but I’m running out of colors. Next stop: Sin City yarns!!! I’ve heard rumors of a Harry Potter themed cafe as well…sign me up!