Handmade Holiday

Immediately after I said I wanted to get my sweater done by Christmas, I cast on a non-sweater thing.  I couldn’t resist.   They’ve put the tree up at my local bar.  A new ornament needed to happen!


This little stocking is just the thing!  Find the pattern here.  Quick and easy!  Only took me 3 days!  (I think this week I’ll actually stay awake passed 9 pm!  Fingers crossed!)

Of course, I couldn’t stop there.  The tiny thing bug has bitten me.  That’s when I found Santa’s Laundry Line.  Just like it sounds, it’s Santa’s laundry hanging out to dry!  I had to cast on right away!


So stinkin’ cute!  I don’t think I have the stamina to do all of Santa’s laundry.  It’s really cute though…if you’ve got the tiny thing bug, check the rest of the pieces out–A hat, mittens, boots, a jacket and even long johns underneath it all.  I love it all.  Santa’s pants tickled my fancy the most though.


And, because handmade ornaments are not enough, I’ve upped my Christmas card game this year.   Special, limited edition, handmade Christmas cards.

Complete with a little knit star at the top.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I’m only doing 18 cards.  Luckily, I know all 18 cards are going to good homes where my handmade efforts will be appreciated!   How bad could it be?  Only 8 more to do.

And then, I’m gonna cast on sleeve two!  Hopefully.  If I’m still awake.  Weekends go awfully quick when they’re only two days long?!?  I think this week I might be able to push bedtime to 10 pm.

My new goal:  NYE sweater debut!  Even that seems soon though.  It’s gonna be 2017 before we know it!


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