Making It

It’s finally July 31st!  I’ve been waiting for today since March!  That’s when I first shared the trailer with you, for Making It!  The new craft competition show hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler.   Tonight, Making It makes it’s debut!  Woo!  I have to wait until it’s streaming online but for you TV types, you can watch it tonight at 10 pm!

Just thinking about it, has got my creative juices flowing.  Along with the looming threat of getting a job, it’s super motivating.  I’m making progress in all sorts of crafty pursuits.

I’ve been watching Parks & Rec while I patiently wait for Making It.  I’d never watched the show before.  I love it.  It’s comedy gold.  Ron Swanson is just the best!  (That’s Nick Offerman’s character, if you don’t know.)  He’s inspired me to change the cross stitch design on my phone case.  It used to say ‘don’t be a prick’, with a cactus.  You can still see the outline a bit. I’m just gonna go right over it.


My new Ron Swanson themed phone case is going to say ‘clear alcohols are for rich women on diets’  :)  I can’t upgrade my phone yet but I can definitely upgrade my case!  It’s gonna be so fun!

In other cross stitch news (don’t worry, there’s knitting news too!), I’ve got an ode to the Violent Femmes’ Blister in the Sun nearly finished.   From original concept to execution, you can see it changed a bit.

I really wanted to capture the blistering quality of the sun.

Ultimately though, I couldn’t get the colors right, so the oranges and reds got cut.  It turned into a study in yellows.  After a sunflower phase, two decades ago, I’ve got every shade of yellow embroidery floss imaginable.  Good thing because I’m really happy with this result.  Now to come up with some more sun song lyrics…Here Comes the Sun (Beatles), Sunshine Daydream (Grateful Dead) and millions more…feel free to remind me of your favorite sunny day lyrics.  I’m bound to be missing lots…

The pop culture train continues with this next little project.  I had a few scraps of aida cloth.  Google told me people make bookmarks with their scraps.  Easy enough.


Baby got book, alright!  lolololol!  Seriously, no one should laugh at themselves this much.  I just can’t help it.   This joke is getting serious mileage with me.

Anyone who knows Becky, can probably guess what comes next in the series…I like big books and I cannot lie!  bwahahahahah.  For those not in the know, it’s a play on the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot.   Replace ‘book’ with ‘butt’ and you’ve got the original song.   It’s the pun that just keeps on giving.  I’ll definitely be turning my future scraps into more bookmarks!

I was going to share some actual knitting content today, but I think you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!  All this crafty talk has my fingers itching to Make It!  :)  I’ll let you know how much I love the new show too!


    1. FogKnits

      I got it on Etsy a couple years back. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be available anymore. At least not for my phone (iphone 6), I did recently see a kit for an iphone 7 case recently–on the internet somewhere. If you search for patterns on pinterest, there are loads. I feel like the cases must be out there somewhere…I’m just not sure where.


    2. FogKnits

      Actually, when I searched just now, it seems cross stitch iphone cases are once again readily available. Just search cross stitch phone case on Etsy and you’ll find loads of choices


  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

    I had no idea they had cross stitch phone cases! I think I know of a couple of presents that will be made for some relatives :) I dvr’d the show last night but will watch it soon. I’ll let you know what I think too! As far as Sunshine songs…Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves), Bringing Back the Sunshine (Blake Shelton), Sunshine on my Shoulders (John Denver), Sunshine Song (Jason Mraz), You are my Sunshine (many artists have recorded this, but I love the Johnny Cash version)…OMG there are so many!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

        BTW, I watched Making It last night. Did it remind you of The Great British Baking Show? Almost the exact same format but with crafts instead. I still enjoyed it :) I loved watching the way the contestants created and how diverse their crafts were for the same challenge.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. FogKnits

        I haven’t watching that show, but I imagine it’s the same format as a bunch of shows…the reality contest is a pretty common genre these days, especially when it comes to cooking shows :) The time limits pretty much eliminate any knitter but it’s fun to think about the possibilities. I think my spirit beast would have to be a goat (because cashmere!)

        Liked by 1 person

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