I’ve got a commercial!


Long time readers will recall this project from last spring.

Sadly, my friend’s bike was stolen.  Thieves stink.  But, it inspired my friend to make a little tribute video/commercial of the project with footage she took during our consultations and fittings!

Check it out…


It’s great, right?  Someday maybe it’ll even run on the local access cable channel…a girl can dream!  Bwahahahahahahaha.



      1. FogKnits

        Unfortunately, it’s not the type of thing you can just order. It’s a custom job that requires proximity to San Francisco. There’s measurements to take and then, it’s takes several hours to of installation. it’s not something that slides/buttons/zips on. It’s sewn in place. If you’re in the SF Bay area though, drop me an email and we can talk!


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