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Bill Murray has a ‘band’.

The tour is coming to San Francisco.  I bought tickets.  The Bill Murray Sweater officially has a deadline.  December 8th.  Time to get on it.

fogknits bill murray sweater knit

I think it’s really going to be more of a vest?!?

That said, instead of working on that particular project, I’m cast on with this:


I attempted to trade my Fade to Yellow skein for a Concrete & Tulips skein — aka the rainbow and grey colorway.  It didn’t quite go down that way though.  One enterprising Raveler talked me into trading her a skein of Miss Babs’ Yowza.  It was a color I really wanted but…I wanted this more!

It’s can’t wait!  It’s a self striping yarn but instead of consistent lengths of each color, the colors get progressively longer.  Instead of a big fat stripe of red at the top and little tiny stripe of blue at the bottom, the stripes will all be the same height.  It’s definitely a minor detail to the untrained eye but knitters have been geeking out over it for a while.  This yarn was quite hard to get for a minute there.

I’m sure stripe magic will take over and it’ll be done in a jiffy!

Of course, the only reason I’m allowed to cast on anything at all, Marled Magic is almost completely finished.  Just a bit of end weaving left.  The braid & the tassel turned out just right.  A bit fiddly at first but third time was the charm!

Stay tuned for full photos…they’ll be along soon.

In the meantime, it’s the weekend!  Wooooooooo!



  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

    I haven’t heard of the Caterpillar Yarn; however I am intrigued by the progressively longer stripes. Was it made for a specific project or is there a project that shows off its full glory? I am very interested in what happens next!

    I had no idea that Bill Murray has a band so I Google’d it. That is a very interesting story. I don’t know if you ever watched House; however Hugh Laurie has a blues band that is incredibly good. We saw the band in Napa at a little venue and were in the front row. The setting was intimate and it was almost like we had a private concert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FogKnits

      I did watch House! And I do know that he has a band! I saw them once :) I’m a fan! It is pretty weird to me when actors become musicians though…I’m not sure how I feel about this Bill Murray business. I didn’t actually like his Netflix Christmas special. Hopefully the live show is better :)

      Liked by 1 person

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