FO Friday – Fuck Cancer

If there’s one thing I like as much as knitting, it’s profanity.  I just love that four little letters can be so naughty.  The whole thing is just ridiculous.

‘Don’t say that word, it’s unbecoming of a lady’

Fuck that!

The jolt of joy that comes from uttering one little taboo word is more than enough to keep me going back.  I’m like that rat that keeps pressing the button for more food!

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Even as I type that, I’m giggling.  I see nothing wrong with it.  It’s a victimless crime.  I refuse to deny myself the pleasure.

And that’s before the whole cancer thing.

Fuck THAT!

Cancer stinks.  A dear friend, often referred to as a fucker,  (Yes, even my favorite term of endearment towards my friends is profane.  there’s no stopping now.  I’m all in with the F-word.), is undergoing chemo at the moment.  The prognosis is good but still, fuck cancer.


In reality, I know too many people dealing with cancer at the moment.  There will be more of these in the near future.

Check out my Ravelry page for details!

Pattern:  F*ck Cancer Hat

Yarn:  Knitpicks Chroma



  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

    Doesn’t it seem like cancer is more prevalent these days than it used to be? I’ve dealt with it with way too many friends and family members. Some beat it and some didn’t. So yeah, Fuck Cancer! Good luck to your friend(s) who are going through this. It sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Judit

    Oh, Emily, it’s gorgeous. I’m sorry s/he needs it.
    The Fuck Cancer hat you made for me is so dear to me – the only thing I would change is to knit FUCK instead of F+CK so it could be even stronger. Thank you so much for my beautiful hat.


  3. Missy's Crafty Mess

    Love this hat but sorry your friend has to deal with this crap. 💩 on a side note I really find humor in those mugs that say “fuck off I’m knitting”


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