It’s Bill Murray Friday!

It’s Bill Murray Day!  My new Bill Murray vest is done and I’m excited about it!!

But first…all of the non-Bill Murray happenings since the last update.   Knitting in public, cross stitching, new yarn and a fun new monogrammed project bag.

These things are each interesting in their own right but alas, there is only time for one today!

It’s Bill Murray Day!!!!

The Bill Murray sweater is done!  and it’s AMAZING!

I mean, this IS exactly what I set out to do…and it worked.  Even I’m impressed with this one.

I didn’t check gauge or do any math.  I used a weird hodgepodge of yarns that varied from fingering to aran weight.

I set out with a loose plan and this is what happened…


It’s not that I doubt my skill.  This was just a particularly out there idea.  Every part of it was slightly ridiculous.  I’m gonna knit a portrait of Bill Murray is one thing. (Check out that process HERE)


I’m gonna turn it into a sweater, is a whoooooooole different story.   Especially considering that it’s a bit fashionable.  AND I like it.   I didn’t expect to really like what I’d done.  I’m gonna wear this everywhere!!

I’m especially pleased with the high-low hem bit.


Someone from my knitting group suggested it.  I thought about it for a while.  I even drew pictures of it but decided it wasn’t for me, too trendy.  When I got to a certain point though, it just felt like the thing to do, so I did it.   Turns out, I love it!


It also turns out, it’s incredibly awkward to photography and model at the same time.  And the December lighting situation didn’t help me out.

It’s okay.  I’ll get a better photo tonight when my Bill Murray meets the real Bill Murray!  Wouldn’t that be funny?  I’m not expecting it to happen but both Bill Murrays will be in the same room at the same time tomorrow so anything is possible?!?  It’s a big room, I’ll be way in the back, upstairs in the balcony even.  Still anything is possible.



I’ll let you know what I think of the show tomorrow :)   Happy Bill Murray Friday!


I got this!


It’s been a couple weeks since the Bill Murray sweater hit the needles.  After a seemingly slow start, things really took off this weekend.  My work is finally recognizable as a garment!


Hopefully over the long weekend, I’ll get some daylight knitting hours…or at least daylight knitting photography hours!  The pics aren’t great but you get the idea.   One thing I’m totally digging…I can wear my hair down and Bill will still be visible!  Woot!  I really didn’t want to wear my hair up but Bill deserves to be seen.

Last weekend, my progress was accelerated by a decision to go with a hi-lo sort of style.  I like it for knitting reasons–less to knit on a deadline is always good.  But I also like it for design reasons.  I’m hoping it creates a kind of seam.  In the absence of an actual seam, this hi-lo style definitely creates a break between front and back.


I’m feeling optimistic that this will not only become a wearable garment but it will be a wearable garment that’s ready in time for the Bill Murray concert!!


This is so much better than a framed piece of knitting that just hung on the wall!  I’m excited to finish it!  Fingers crossed that the excitement continues for the next 2.5 weeks.  That’s all I need to finish it on time.

I’ve adopted a ‘Little Engine that Could’ mantra to help me stay on track…I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can.  Wooooo! Wooooo!

The Bill Murray Sweater.

Jobs kill creativity!  Add in a knitting slog and a touch of jealous one-upmanship and you get my weekend.  Never fear though, from that horrible, flaming mess a phoenix will rise!  A phoenix that appears in the shape of BILL MURRAY!

knit bill murray portrait

With Rhinebeck and the big sweater deadline approaching, I limited myself to one project over the long weekend.  It was rather dreadful, I went to bed early instead of knitting because I couldn’t bear to work on it one row more.  I couldn’t possibly start another project because I didn’t have time.  There was no way around it.  Deadline knitting means time management isn’t just a thing I say with finger quotes and a strange look on my face.  Having a job is a serious time suck and it was seriously harshing my creative mellow this weekend.  and then this happened…

taylor swift sweater polaroid

Serioiusleeee?  I was beat to the punch by a Taylor Swift fan.  That’s a disappointment.  I had high hopes for a Bill Murray sweater.  and now I’ve been relegated to be that knitter who wanted to be like the Taylor Swift knitter.  damn.  #ShakeItOff

Needless to say, my weekend was not the best.  Enter Tuesday morning, when I’m relieved of my work responsibilities!  A chorus of angels appeared!  Suddenly, my beloved free time was back!!!  I have amazing luck, every time I’m let go from a job, it makes me the happiest person in the zip code.  I hope this kind of luck never runs out.  I think of it as the worst things happening to me in the best way possible.

So, there I am feeling pretty good, certainly better!  And then, a friend said the magic words…Art Project!  Yes!  That is just what I need to celebrate my free time…an art project!  It’s time for Bill Murray to come out of the frame and become a garment!  I slept on it, and I think I’ve made some decisions.

fogknits bill murray sweater knit

There’s me and Bill.  As you can see, he’s huge.  That definitely limits what I can do with it.  And it’s superwash.  Not a great choice for steeking, meaning I can’t really cut away any excess fabric.  And it’s such a light color.  I don’t really want a gigantic off-white sweater?!?  I toyed with the idea of a skirt, but I’d definitely need to line it…not loving that idea.  and then it came to me!  Don’t overthink it, just go simple.  A vest (doesn’t get easier than no sleeves!), similar in shape to the cassette tape vest.


I think less of a shawl collar.  That’s a minor detail at this point.  My basic plan is to pick up stitches along the top & sides, leaving armholes and just work a back & forth.  I’ll use the greys in the portrait, so it won’t be a big off-white sweater, at least not in the front!  I’m thinking maybe a textured stitch, striped seed stitch maybe?  Maybe some short row shaping to keep the collar from being too shawl like?  Who knows but it’s in progress…that’s the main thing!  and what’s the worst that happens?  It’s so horrible that Bill Murray himself calls me, begging for it’s destruction?  That’ll be the day :)

FFO Friday – The Extra F is for FINALLY

The Cassette Tape Vest is DONE!  

Click the link above for all the details on Ravelry!  The pattern is from Plymouth, #2691 Women’s 2 Piece Vest.  The yarn is Noro’s Silk Garden Solo plus a strand of Maxell XL II 90 Cassette Tape!  I finished just in time for Earth Day!  Yeah Recycling!!


I say FINALLY as if it took me forever, in reality it was one day short of two months.  That’s not bad.  The shawl collar felt like it took forever though, especially in garter stitch!  It’s gonna be long time before I decide to knit another shawl collar!

IMG_2561 Pattern Notes:  The pattern was clear and easy to follow.  I wish it had more information though, a schematic would have been nice and a few more pictures too!  It’s a great beginner pattern.  It’s got a few short rows but the garter stitch makes it perfect for learning the technique!

IMG_2563Design Notes:  Turns out I’m not a huge fan of shawl collars.  I discovered this when I knit Iced.  I modified the pattern to exaggerate the shawl collar.  I was only moderately pleased with the results.  Apparently, I forgot that when I planned this project.

This is a seamless pattern, easy to knit, less easy to wear.  The result is a giant floppy piece of fabric.  Shoulder seams would give it a bit of structure.  I like the ease of making seamless garments, but ultimately, I prefer wearing seamed garments.  They stay put on my shoulders better.  In the end, it’s all good.  I never intended this to be a daily wear piece, so I can deal on the occasions I do wear it.


Yarn Notes:  Love the Silk Garden Solo!  Noro doesn’t disappoint with it’s solid colors!  I love the slubby texture!  Check out this post for a closer look at the fabric.  As for the cassette tape, it’s fun as a conversation piece but it slowed the knitting significantly.  Turns out it’s a bit abrasive to wear though.  I discovered after wearing my new vest all day with short sleeves, the inside of my elbow was a bit raw…the part that rubbed up against the vest.  Of course, this didn’t stop me from wearing it a second day with short sleeves.  I couldn’t help it, it really tied the outfit together.  (and it was only the right elbow…apparently, I hold my left elbow farther from my body! The things you learn…)  In the future, I’ll consider long sleeves…maybe!

And now, I can move on to my Cashmere Cardi!  As usual, I have high hopes that this next project is going to fall off the needles with virtually no effort!  Fingers crossed!


It’s back to the cassette tape grind.


I’m not thinking about how large and cumbersome it’s gotten.


I’m not thinking about how the tightly crammed stitches are difficult to maneuver around the 47″ inch cord.


I’m not thinking about how many knots I’ve found in the Noro.

IMG_2479Nope, I need to start loving this project again.

IMG_2483I’m thinking about how shiny it is!  ooohhh!  aaahhh! Shiny!


and I still like the color!  So I’ve got that going for me!

A Love/Hate WIP Wednesday


Who’s idea was it to knit a garter stitch shawl collar??  The Cassette Tape Vest is finally near enough to completion that it looks like vest!  I’ll never, ever, at least not this year, knit a garter stitch shawl collar again.  It’s taking forever.  I really want it to be finished though!   I’m ready to be wearing it.

Also ready to knit with wool again…cassette tape + silk + mohair is not a gentle knit!  This is part of the slow down, it’s tough on hands.  I’m up to 8 balls of Silk Garden, so it’s getting a bit heavy as well.  And I think I need to go to a 47″ cord.  The 40″ is full…this whole project has become cumbersome.  It’s graduated from a project bag to a full on tote bag all it’s own.  SO MANY COMPLAINTS!

I very strongly dislike this project right now.  I am super excited to wear it though, really! I am!  I’m conflicted.  I want to do it so it’s finished but I hate doing it.  If I could just get it finished I’d be getting twice as much done.  I’m doing a fair bit of procrastination at the moment.   I could be knitting be right now but I’m not…

Flip the Tape

Making progress on my Cassette Tape Vest



I was just finishing the back piece when you saw it last.  I’ve since picked up stitches up the side, across the back and down the other side and cast on stitches for armholes!  I’ve worked few inches beyond the armholes…finally enough that I could try it on.  Everything is on track!  The length is good, the armholes are good!  It’s slow going but I’m looking forward to getting it done…the finishing work is super minimal!  Seamless is awesome!

I’ve only got 85 more rows to go…all garter stitch!  Process Knitter Powers Activate!