Gang’s All Here

For a minute there, I was heading towards monogamous knitting.  I’m not sure what came over me but I’m feeling much better now.  I’ve got WIPs everywhere I look!  Finally!  and they’re all lovely.  Nobody is misbehaving.  It’s a small slice of happy place, in a world going mad.


My honeycomb baby blanket is nearing completion (so is the baby!!  Wooo!  Any day now…I think some baby leg warmers will hit the needles next.  Chubby baby legs in cute stripes?  Yes, Please!)


My sweater is nearing the sleeve divide!  I joked when I cast this on, what can I do faster…knit a sweater or get a job.  It’s that time, work needs to become a daily reality for me, soon.  It’s not really a joke anymore…in the meantime, it’s sleeve divide Thursday here at FogKnits HQ!  No one’s paying me for it, but I’ll certainly feel productive.


My Hitchhiker still has a long way to go…plenty of knitting in public left here!  Between World Cup knitting and summer blockbuster movie knitting, I’ve got plenty of excuses to knit in public.  This will definitely be ready for Halloween!


And my newest cast on is making delightful progress. It’s the Pebble Beach shawl, in a yarn my Mom dyed for me.  I’ve cast it on and frogged this yarn a couple times.  I think I’ve finally found the winning combination though!  Third times the charm!

Yes, this is a big pile of happy place.  Beautiful colors and textures.  Yarn from Mom.  A little knit along with a friend.  Hours of calming work thinking about my hopes and dreams for my new Nephew.  A new sweater means no trip to the mall, no spending money on fast fashion (which is, surely, giving money to the wrong people).  The benefits of knitting are truly immeasurable.  I appreciate it more everyday.




  1. salpal1

    They all look great, but that blanket is my favorite. Hope you find a job soon that leaves you lots of time for knitting while still supporting you in the style to which you would like to be accustomed.


  2. tinaor

    Slightly jealous your WIPS are actually progressing – mine are stalling, being ripped back and just stagnating. It’s hot to knit and I am too tired so I keep going wrong, grrr! With this mega hot spell we have in the UK there is not enough creating going on in my house or even amongst my friends. It WILL get better I hope when the weather breaks – we need some cool air and some rain to freshen the place up again. Loving that honeycomb in particular !


    1. FogKnits

      I do feel bad for people who have real summers. Here in San Francisco, summer’s are cool and foggy. I’m sure I’d take a big knitting break if I lived in the heat too. Summer fog is definitely one of my favorite things…

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