AFO Friday #2

Last week AFO Friday was Almost Finished Friday.  This week the “A” is for Actually Finished!  Woooo!


I have fully and completely, knit the same sweater two times.  Cat Sweater #1.  Cat Sweater #2.


(the time change sure has killed my chances of taking good knitting photos!)

The pattern is called Professor Meow, from KnitPicks.  It was an easy knit.  There’s no shaping.  The intarsia is not outrageous.  The gauge is bulky.  There are no sleeves.  The finishing work is minimal.  Overall I give the pattern two thumbs up.

Interestingly, I did knit the EXACT same sweater.  Or rather, I knit the same number and type of stitches, just in different sizes.  One of these sweaters is for my sister.  I’m a bit wider than she is.  Instead of knitting two different pattern sizes, I decided I would knit the same size on different needles.  I went from a size 9, up to a size 10.5.


The pattern is written ‘knit to XYZ inches’, so the length doesn’t change.  I was surprisingly consistent on that part. The kitty on the right is definitely wider though, the effect of the larger needles.  So, turns out, yes, gauge does matter.


Behind my lovely sweaters, you may have noticed my finished Log Cabin Blanket. It hasn’t changed much from the last progress photos.

It made a nice cat sweater photo shoot backdrop though.


And of course, the little paw print on the back.  So cute!

The best part of this sweater isn’t it’s cuteness though.

It’s the crazy factor.

I wore my new sweater out and about on Sunday.  It was an Open Studio weekend so I walked all around, from studio to studio looking at ridiculous art.  I wasn’t inspired by any of it.  Disliked it all.  But, I was inspired by all the crazy old ladies who liked my sweater.  Hearing their praise was a nice reminder that I march to the beat of my drummer for a reason…might as well celebrate it.  I couldn’t wear designer clothes even if my life depended on it.  I can, however, knit myself a cat sweater.


My sister doesn’t live close enough to have a twinsy day…at least not yet.  I’m really looking forward to when it happens though.  If one person does it, it may be crazy.  If two people do it, it’s a movement!


And, I’ve started my next goofy garment, finally.  The so-called Bill Murray sweater is underway.


If this works out, I’m going to be quite pleased with myself!  I’ve only got a month to finish it, so stay tuned for progress tout de suite!



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