Have Doodler, Will Travel

Clue 2 has arrived and in true WestKnits fashion, it’s got me guessing still!! It’s huge garter stitch cables and the last instruction is bind off all sts.  ??? But where will the next two clues go? It’s still a mystery for week 3! I love it!

Today’s knitting field trip…Golden Gate Park!

Yes, definitely loving it.


      1. polwygle

        It does rather look like half a butterfly. On the other hand, I bet he was dared to make a shawl that had crazy elements like a garter cable. Not unlike a dare my husband got to make a chocolate mint beer (which was tasty, by the way).

        Lastly, I wish I had found your blog sooner. It would have been fun to meet you when I was in SF back in the Spring.

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