Zipper Installation Time


The knitting is done!  Woohoo!  I’ve also secured the steek, cut it and bought the zipper!  I even wove the ends in!  The only thing left to do is sew the zipper in!  Naturally, this means I’m second guessing my design decisions.


As a pullover, this sweater fit perfect.  I like pullovers with positive ease.  Only problem…it’s a cardigan.  I like my cardigans closer to zero ease.

My first thought was to re-steek the front panels to remove an inch from each side.  That’s two more steeks though…why do twice the work, when I could just trim one front side and have an asymmetric look.  Then I thought, why cut it again at all?  What if I abandoned the zipper and went for a double breasted look?

Big decision.  I’m totally undecided.  And this weekend is Stitches West, which means no time for such focused work.  I’ve got plenty of time to sleep on it.  In the meantime, I’m still wearing it…shawl pins work just fine on sweaters too!

FO Friday: Owl Mitts

The Owls got thumbs & a bath last night!  Today they’re resting peacefully while they dry.


The pattern is Ruru by Kylie Bates.  It’s a free Ravelry download and well written!  It’s got full written instructions, none of the ‘reverse shaping for second mitt’ nonsense!  And as I ably demonstrated, you can easily adjust the finished sized by adjusting your gauge and going up a needle size.  I missed the toddler mark (the pattern is written in two sizes, one toddler and one child) but these will fit the toddler mama I’ve got in mind, so we’ll go for the mommy & me set of mitts next week with a second attempt at toddler size!

In the meanwhile, it’s time for the next phase of the Rhinebeck Sweater:  zipper installation.

IMG_4339 IMG_4342

This method came to me via Eunny Jang and this Interweave video.   As I re-watch it again, I see Eunny credit’s the TechKnitter, which totally makes sense because she has awesome alternative techniques to just about everything!  The basic idea is to add yarn to the zipper tape so it becomes something knitters are much more familiar with.  I’ve used this method successfully before on kids garments.  This is the first time I’m doing it for myself though.  It’s kind of a pain.  I was gung-ho early this morning.  I did about four inches and then decided vacuuming was a better idea?!?!  Bizarre.   I leave for Rhinebeck four weeks from today…pretty sure I’ll manage to get it done by then.  And if my apartment gets cleaned in the process, that’s not a bad thing either!!