2018 Stash Flash

It’s that time of year again.


Time for selfish knitting, setting goals and looking ahead.  Looking, in particular, at Stitches West.  I’ve been going to Stitches since before it needed ‘West’, since the days it was held in Oakland.  You know all those ‘most wonderful time of year’ sentiments people attach to Christmas?  That’s only because they haven’t been to Stitches.

There are many time honored Stitches traditions.  The first is denying I’m even going to go.  I got over that pretty quick.  The next is casting on a new sweater, for the express purpose of debuting it at Stitches.  Yup, Check that off the list!  I think it’s gonna be a good one this year too!

And, perhaps, the most important tradition of all…Flashing the Stash.  I know what yarn I have but seeing all, together, in one place really helps drive home the mantra:  I’m not buying yarn this year.  I’m not buying yarn this year.  I’m not buying yarn this year.  I’m REALLY not buying yarn this year!

I’m really not buying yarn this year??

Yes.  and here’s why:

redacted stash

This is the stash, in January 2016.  I skipped the 2017 Stash Flash.  So we’ve gotta go back two years.  As a reference, I put my blocking boards down.  It’s a good size reference, this is 18 square feet of yarn.   Everything blacked out is gone.   That leaves a lot.  And, it goes without saying that the Stash grew in both 2016 and 2017.

Here’s what the stash looked like yesterday:


Unsorted, just in a pile.  There’s a 12″ ruler planted in the middle as reference.  It’s nearly buried.  The yellow bag in the back, that’s my Lopi.  This year’s Stash Flash officially needed a phase 2.

After sorting, it looked like this:


It broke free from it’s 18 sq ft boundary and it’s still about 8 inches deep throughout.  I took my job as a yarn collector pretty serious the past two years.

Phase 2, the Lopi phase:


The Lopi behaved well.  I spread it single layer so I’ve got an exact accounting of it.  With yoke sweaters being so on-trend in 2018 I think my next sweater may be a lopi-peacock-fade sort of thing.


Yes?  Yes!  That sounds awesome and clearly, requires no new yarn!

The rest of that giant pile holds even more awesomeness.


My YOTH.  Those beautiful greens are destined for a shawl…one day.


My Quince.  Clearly, I went through a teal phase.  I really need to get these guys on the needles.


A stash of Road to China Light, the teal phase was still going strong.  This yarn is a phenomenal blend of alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere.  One day, I’m really going to love wearing it.  Hopefully that’s soon.


I’ve got at least a sweaters quantity of Zooey from Juniper Moon Farms, acquired when cotton seemed like a good idea.


The section of yarns dyed by my Mom.   Definitely getting some of these on the needles in short order.


An assortment of speckles and other fingering weight hand dyed yarns.  So many happy hours of knitting in this shot!


Sparkly yarn, self striping yarn, barber pole hand spun yarn.  At this point, it’s all good stuff.  Nothing big box or acrylic about it.

I’ve got tweed, I’ve got solids, I’ve got blends, I’ve got chainette, I’ve even got one skein of chartreuse mohair.  What more could I possibly even need??

As much as I love new yarn, I really love my old yarn.  This collection has been carefully curated.  The junk is gone.  The colors are perfect.

AND, I’ve got a whole month to make a dent before Stitches.   Ready, Set, GO!


Because YARN!

Last week’s exciting new project  was forgotten for yesterday’s exciting new project.  Yesterday’s exciting new project is also now a thing of the past!  Allow me to introduce today’s EXCITING NEW PROJECT: (I am really that excited!)

IMG_3059Mom’s latest box of hand dyed yarn arrived yesterday afternoon!!  She’s completely outdone herself this time!  Here’s the first two skeins…(there’s two more that I’m saving for later!)

IMG_3048The photos don’t begin to capture the amazing colors she used!  In the last box, I gravitated to the warm colors, not my typical color palate!  This time, it was definitely the cool colors that grabbed me!  To say Mom knows her audience is an understatement!  I love this yarn!


IMG_3052I knew instantly, I would be winding this hank immediately and staying up all night knitting it!  and I was not disappointed!  I’m loving it even more in the light of day!

The pattern is Stephen West’s Dotted Rays.  I loved this pattern from the moment it was released.  At this point, I’ve actually bought 3 copies of the pattern, the single copy when it was first released and it’s been in two of the compilations I’ve bought as well! I talked about casting it on all the time but I just never got around to it.  Clearly I was waiting for this yarn!  Yes, it is my third WestKnit on the needles.  Yes, it is my third skein of Mom’s hand dye on the needles.  Add in that I own 3 copies of the pattern and someone mentioned doing a 3-3-3 closet cleaning project, it all made sense.  The universe wanted me to stay up all night an knit!


The only thing that could make my day better is a nap, preferably at 3 pm!

Stash Happens!

I was really hoping to have the next yarn bomb easter egg ready to share today.  Maybe tomorrow…turns out each one of these pieces is like knitting a scarf.  It’s taking a while!

So, here’s the recent stash acquisitions.  Somehow yarn always manages to find me!

This is from a friend’s destash, I couldn’t resist the colors! It’s heavy fingering, maybe sport weight.  I’ve got 3 50 g balls, I’m thinking Hitchhiker or maybe one of it’s cousins.


This next yarn was a total impulse buy…It’s Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  I don’t need it but I really loved the bright green, it’s appropriately called Acid!  and of course, it needed some friends, so Mist and Ultra Marine came along for the ride!  I’m thinking it’ll be something shawl like…we’ll see, a baby something is a possibility.


and last but not least, a couple Louisa Harding Kimono Angoras for a top secret project.  I’ve said too much already!


and oh yeah, I changed the blog layout!  I did it Friday, which seems about a million years away right now! Hopefully this one is easier to read.  This should be easier on the eyes :)

Stitches Stash Enhancement


I stuck to my budget at Stitches…the cash in my pocket only!  Didn’t even go to the atm to fill the pocket first! I got lucky and won a door prize, so that made the budget seem a bit larger (a lovely skein of sport wt irish wool from Black Water Abbey!) My theme for the weekend was clearly Rustic Wool!  Having just finished a Lopi skirt, I was on the hunt for Brooklyn Tweed! 100% American made wool!  The return of the American textile industry is pretty exciting and I have yet to sample Brooklyn Tweed’s offerings.

After my visit with Stephen West (where I picked up the mix tape tour book!), it was off to A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Seems a little silly to travel 40 miles for a Verb booth, when the real thing is only 15 miles away but I did it anyhow.  Fiber addiction is not logical.


My budget allowed for two skeins of Loft, in Old World (L) and Sweatshirt (R).  I can’t wait to use this yarn!  It’s lofty all right!  It’s got all those words we love…squish, bounce, spring.  And, it’s pretty affordable all things considered.  Made in the USA and under $15 a skein AND it’s amazing!  I’m accessory minded for these two skeins but I can tell already I want sweater quantities!

One slight problem there, I usually flash the stash pre-Stitches to remind myself of the unknit sweaters I’ve already got.  Time got away from me and I didn’t flash the stash until this morning.  I’m pretty sure, I won’t need the sweater quantity of Loft for a couple years.

The stash, as of today, no WIPs, no partial balls, no Loft.


Lopi in the front, loads of MadTosh behind that, two sweaters worth of Miss Babs’ Yowza behind that.  Noro has developed into an entire section of the stash instead of just a random skein.  Cephalopod, Vice, Kauni, Frog Tree Alpaca, Misti Alpaca, Unspun Lopi, Taria Tweed, Sweet Georgia.

Don’t bother me, I’ll be knitting!