Sweater Weather


Once I got beyond the sleeve divide, yesterday, it was smooth sailing.  I made it through the body of my nephew sweater no problem.  When I got the bottom, I added another feature, designed to aid in long term wearability.


A split hem.  Hopefully this will allow little man to wear it longer.  I’m also going to extend the sleeves, so they can be rolled up and then unrolled as he grows.  Hopefully he’ll get to wear this one into the new year.   Fingers crossed!

Of course, it’s time to knit all the sweaters!  Sweater weather is the best.  I’ve got a holiday sweater in mind and he’s definitely going to need a grandpa sweater for the winter.  Maybe something with elbow patches.  I love a good elbow patch.


For Throwback Thursday, I submit this photo of my favorite elbow patch sweater (taken 20 years ago next week, on my 21st birthday)!  You can’t see them, but rest assured, they were the perfect leather patches, soft and just the right color.  I loved this sweater…a lot.  I lost it at a blizzard party a few months after later.  I didn’t knit it, but still, I was saddened by it’s loss.  It was a great sweater.

Here’s another sweater with an interesting use of leather.  I spied it while watching Kingpin, the second best bowling movie of all time.  I’m undecided on whether it’s a great sweater but there is no doubt, it’s got an interesting construction.


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.54.32 AM

It’s got the leather panels down the front.  They evoke a certain time period, which is what they’re going for.  This is supposed to be a scene from the 70’s.  That’s not the interesting construction though.  Those cable bands are what caught my eye.  I think, they’re an appliqué, sewn on after the fact.  The band looks rather stiff.  The sweater shows folds from movement but the band is solid.

The close shot really confirms it for me.  You can see the base sweater and the cable band are distinct from each other.  The usual tension you’d see at the cable row is non-existent.  You get a clear look at the band too.  It’s not even really cable knit.  It’s two pieces twisted together and then sewn on.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.53.36 AM

That is an interesting design choice.  Why would they do that?  Would a hand knitter do that?  No, I don’t think a hand knitter would.   I think it must be a decision based on industrial production.  I can’t imagine it’s a feature of design.  I’m going to assume it’s a feature of convenience.  What else could it be?

The longer I look at this one, the closer I get to declaring it a great sweater.  It certainly makes me think I should be checking goodwill for sweaters more often.  This would be a great vintage find!  Perhaps I’ve found my afternoon adventure…



WIP Wednesday – Muh Muhs


I’ve had this yarn for nearly two years (Taria Tweed from Plymouth, a lovely wool, silk & llama blend!)  I wound it at the shop before it even came home with me.

I took myself on a birthday yarn buying spree but I tried to buy with intent, instead of the usual impulse shopping.  I picked the pattern and even found someone who had used the same yarn on Ravelry.  Muh-Muhs, it hit all the right notes, half circle shape, garter stitch, stripes, only a tiny bit of lace.

It only took me until May to set up my ravelry page and another 3 months after that to actually cast it on.  I finally did it though.  I was having an ‘I don’t have anything to knit moment’.  It’s worse than an ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ while standing in a closet full of clothes moment.   And so…


I still don’t have anything to knit though.  I may have to start another sweater this week.  I did swatch for two pre-Olympics, after all.  It’s only Wednesday…anything can happen!

FO Friday – Outer Space


The idea was to knit a sweater in 17 days.  Part of the Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics!)  I may not have set a world record but I certainly hit a personal best finishing it entirely in just 6 days.  All the details here:  My Rav Page!

The pattern is Stephen West’s Outer Space.  An unusually constructed sweater with a yoke that mimics my favorite of his shawl designs.  I didn’t think I’d like this sweater but I didn’t think I’d like my yarn either, so it was a sort of practice sweater.  Something I wouldn’t mind giving away if I hated.  Ultimately though, I love it.

I knit it without major modifications.  I attempted to lengthen the sleeves but it wasn’t a good look so I frogged and left the sleeves as the pattern was written.  Of course, I didn’t know what was going to happen.  I had to try it on a lot, just in case the need for mods arrived.  And so, I present top down sweater knitting in selfie form.

And, I’ve still got plenty of the yarn left.  I’m contemplating another one, reverse colors and no sleeves.  The math works…1 sweater in 6 days means I can do 2 sweaters in 17 days.  Right?