Rainbow FOs

My rainbow shawls are done!  Woo!

First, Match & Move by Martina Behm in Miss Babs Rainbow Polydactyl Yummy 2-Ply



Loved knitting this, garter stitch by the mile is totally my jam.

The second one, is the Hydrogen Shawl knit in Gauge Dye Works, shawl striping MCN in colorway Concrete & Tulips.




It’s an MCN (merino-cashmere-nylon blend) so it’s super soft!  The best part though, only two ends to weave!  The yarn is dyed in one continuous strand!  It’s amazing! Only two ends to weave.  Only two ends?!!  TWO!!  It’s incredible!


Now to block it.  I’m not a fan of superwash merino.  I’m a little worried about the curl at the end.  Then, it’ll be perfect!


Work-in-Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I am full of wips!  There was a slight bout of castonitis yesterday.  There are still hats to be made and stash to be busted so there’s a new hat on the needles…

superior cashmere panda silk held double knitting fogknits stockinette hat

It’s my favorite yarn combo, Superior Cashmere and Panda Silk!  It’s the most amazing thing to knit, so soft and lovely!

And it’s about time I started something for Malabrigo March!

malabrigo march shawl sequence knitting

The yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo and the pattern is chose your own adventure knitting inspired by Sequence Knitting.   The tagline is ‘Simple Methods for Creating Complex Reversible Fabrics’.  In addition to being a gorgeous book, it delivers gorgeous fabrics, every time!  I played around with a few different swatches, all attractive and easy to execute.  I decided on a simple K4, P4 repeat within the framework of a bottom up, asymmetric triangle.  I’m striping two colors, two rows each.  Couldn’t be easier, the process knitter in me loves it!

sequence knitting malabrigo march arroyo natural plomo

It’s going to be perfect as a daily commute project!  and it’s reversible.  I love everything about it!  I’m thinking about ways to change up the sequence for my next one already!

And just so I wouldn’t feel guilty about ignoring the stack of UFOs, I picked up my second doodler again.  Clue 3 begins by picking up 300 stitches.

I don’t count so it’s actually easier than it sounds!  I’m certain I didn’t have the correct stitch count but I like to live dangerously.  I made it work.  There was never actually any danger.  No biggie.

And now, it’s time to knit!


WIP Wednesday – Crochet Day!

I’ve been good about keeping my queue in check lately!  Continuing on in that tradition, I’ve decided to frog the market bag.   It’s hard to move forward with a project when I’m not enjoying the process.  I haven’t touched this project since February and I really want this yarn to be something special!  So it’s gone!


As practical as a market bag would be, I want to wear this yarn!  It’s Mom’s hand dye and she got my colors perfectly!  So attempt #2 is going to be a shawl!  And because I’m just in that kind of mood…it’s going to be crochet!


A quick Ravelry search, produced a half granny square, triangle shawl…perfect!


The pattern is the 8-Hour Shawl.  I’m skeptical  but it’s moving quickly so far and I’m loving it!  Definitely happy with my decision!  Another box of yarn from Mom is scheduled to arrive today!  I’ve gotta get cracking!