Work in Progress Wednesday

I can definitely say it’s Wednesday.  I checked the calendar!  Can’t say I’m making much progress on my ‘work’ though.  Every time I check, I’m not seeing much.

My striped Woolfolk shawl.


One of the balls is getting smaller, so I must be making progress.  I think the next milestone will be running out of yarn prematurely.  I’ve been trying to tell myself that it’ll be okay.  (it won’t but ignorance is bliss.)

My Dotted Grays, aka a Dotted Rays in a lovely gray gradient.


I’ve crossed the halfway mark with this one.  I can tell because the yarn had two gradient repeats.  Of course, I’ve gotten to the part where rows are hundreds of stitches.  Perfect process knitting.  Doesn’t look any different from last week though.

My Noro & Lopi sweater


I must be making progress because I’ve nearly finished my first ‘plate’ of yarn. Holding it next to a finished sweater though, shows me I’ve still got a long way to go.


The long forgotten Rockefeller.


I just have to decrease down to 9 stitches to get this point finished.  Maybe I’ll get there before this WIP hits it’s second birthday.  Seems like it should be easy.  Not sure what the 18 month delay has been about.   Of course, the other side remains untouched.  I’ve got a hundred stitches to pick up, then decrease down to 9 again.  One decrease every 4th row.  And suddenly, I remembering what the hold up is.

The good news is…there’s no problems here.  I don’t need to figure anything out, I just need to get knitting!  Progress…thy name is Wednesday!  Ready, Set…GO!


WIP Wednesday – Current Favs


The reality of 10 WIPs at once is most of them are actually being ignored.  The proverbial time out corner.  The back of the chair is the stuff that will most likely get finished.  The green project bags are my favorite to carry, so you’re likely to find my most active projects in them.  Today is no exception!


First, my beaded Hitchhiker…nearing the end!  The beads are an interesting modification to a classic design.  The workflow suits me, 6 mindless garter rows, a (yo, k2tog) row and then one row of focused attention adding the beads.  It’s been more of a go-to project than I expected.  I’m up to 32 teeth and I haven’t run out of beads yet.  I’m currently betting the yarn will run out first.   The end is in sight, either way!


The other project getting love this week, my Rockefeller.  It was on a bit of a hiatus but it’s happily back in business!

I’m currently slogging away on the 300+ stitch i-cord bind off.  Worth the effort but worthy of a little gripe too!  An hour at the beach the other day, an hour at knit night, an hour this morning…persistance is paying off.  I WILL get there.  And the next section tapers into a point…no bind off!  So I’m just getting the obligatory complaint out now :)  (don’t worry, I’m still saving the ‘oy! look at all these ends to weave complaint’ for later! )  The yarn is Sylph from Jade Sapphire, a cashmere-linen blend!  There will be no complaints when I’m finally wearing this one!

The Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics) begin Friday, I’m fairly certain I can make it until then without casting on something new.  :)




I had such a productive weekend and I’ve been able to keep that momentum going.  Even better, I’ve channeled it into old WIPs that have been languishing!

My Rockefeller got a new inch!  At 330 sts/row, that’s a substantial task!  In garter stitch, on size 3 needles?!?  This is a relatively new WIP though, it hasn’t become a chore just yet.


My Southern Skies, on the other hand, with it’s jar of beads, crochet hook and 4 page chart, definitely fell into the chore category.  The yarn, Superior Cashmere, a skinny little cashmere-silk blend, is far to luscious to be considered a chore!  That was enough to get me started!


After an inch or so, I finally found the groove.  There’s a lot of moving parts with this one, flip the chart page, move the highlighter tape, positioning the crochet hook and beads for optimal usage!  I’ve figured out the perfect configuration of everything just in time to make the switch to the fifth chart section, this is the section where the chart spans 8 pages!


It’s suddenly way less daunting.  The knitting is just stockinette in the round, it’s actually my favorite thing to do!  Safe to say, I’m back in love with this project!  Let’s see how long it lasts…

Rockefeller – Clue 2

Despite the minor crochet distraction, the knitting continues on my latest WestKnit!


This is Clue 2 completed!  The intarsia was completely manageable!  Only four rows at a time, so not enough time for the yarn to get hopelessly tangled!  I do have a lot of ends to wrangle though!


Stephen suggests weaving ends along the way.  That’s not usually my style.  I leave my ends dangling in case I need to undo something down the line.  Let’s be honest though, that’s an excuse to procrastinate.  I’m not undoing anything at this point.

My plan is to spend the rest of the morning weaving ends.  I’ve got a shawl from way back in October with ends still hanging.  And it was early october, so it’s been 8 months.  I’m way past procrastinating on that one.  Time to suck it up and deal!

Wish me luck!  :)


Rockefeller Expansion


Sorry, no time for chatting today!  I picked up the needles yesterday and I just can’t stop!  My Rockefeller shawl is finally feeling like a shawl, the rows have gotten longer and the pattern is committed to memory!  I’m definitely gaining momentum on this one!


It looks a bit like Pac-Man today!  Who am I to argue with him?  He doesn’t stop so neither will I!  Just keep knitting!

WIP Wednesday – Rockefeller



I’ve got a new, highly anticipated shawl on the needles!  Everything about it is exciting!  First the yarn, Sylph, a cashmere linen blend from Jade Sapphire.  As soon as I saw this color, I wanted it!

Right around the same time, I saw another knitter’s Rockefeller shawl (a WestKnits’ design) in the same yarn.  It was, literally, a no brainer.  A gorgeous, graphic, lightweight linen, warm cashmere, drapey, perfect no brainer!  Thanks, Gayle :) It’s taken more than a year to rise to the top of the queue but now is the time!  I’ve got Spring Fever and I must knit all the green.


So, I’ve been toiling away on the bus.  I’m not sure what possessed me to knit short row intarsia on the bus though.  It’s not the most practical thing I’ve ever done.  I usually make it through a wedge and a half on the way to work.  This means as my stop approaches I’m frantically trying to finish a short row and deal with the entire rides worth of intarsia tangle while stuffing everything back in the bag and gracefully exiting the bus.  It’s a logistical challenge for someone who doesn’t drink coffee in the morning, to say the least.  There have been no disasters…YET!


In spite of it all, progress is being made!  I’m about 2/3rds through the first section and I’ve come to my senses about the whole bus thing.  The bus will be for hat binging (which is going well!)  There will definitely be an FO Friday this week (maybe even two!)  There’s a sneak peek over on Instagram.  Hopefully idea #2 works out as well as idea #1.  Fingers crossed!  Now it’s time to get knitting!