I love the weekend

After being out of town last weekend, I was pretty stoked for a weekend at home.  I hit the cross stitch hard.


A little ode to the Grateful Dead.

Followed by the realization that it’s already Sunday night.


Where does the time go?

There was plenty of knitting too.  It hasn’t been digitally immortalized yet though.  I continue to think about Cat Sweater #2, but that’s it, just thinking about it.  Marled Magic is too much fun to put down.  Pics soon!  Clue 3 is nearly finished!!!

Taking Stock

There’s been fiber flying over here for several days now!  I ignored the 10 project limit for a few days, I knit completely out of order…rules be damned!  These things happen on the weekend.  My days of beer binges have slowly been replaced by knitting binges.  One might think the hangover would have improved, with the exception of the headache though, they’re quite similar.  Waking up disoriented, strange articles of clothing strewn about, memories of where they came from lost to the haze of the wee hours.  Finally, on Tuesday, recovered from the weekend, ready to address the issue and take stock.

This weekend brought me 3 new hats (if you count an orange kitty mohawk, which I definitely do!) and I’m within the 10 project limit!  Phew!  I thought the knitting police might haul me away at any moment.

The other two hats are Grateful Dead 13 point lightening bolts for my Etsy Shop.  Just in time for Fare Thee Well, the band’s anniversary/reunion/retirement tour!


I really love the instant gratification of hats!  I may even love wearing them, after this blue one!  Maybe one of my favorite hats I’ve ever made.  It was a no brainer where everything just fell into place perfectly, the perfect bits and bobs from the stash, just the right colors, perfect colorwork yarn, yummy soft to wear.  Added a touch of elastic for the perfect fit…pretty much threw the kitchen sink at this one and it all worked just exactly how I wanted it too!


and now I’m going to sell it!   I always say things like I can just make another…famous last words indeed!  I should be making myself a cashmere cardigan!  Wish me luck in re-focusing!  (I pulled more scraps from the stash late last night…ooops! Hats are so hard to resist!)

Steal Your Face

I finished my custom Grateful Dead-SF Giants slouchy hat!   I was motivated to get it to the customer ASAP so I didn’t even think about good photos when I finished it!  Ooops…so no FO Friday fanfare this week.  Just a quick nod to finishing on Tuesday!

I start with a plain black hat and then duplicate stitch the Steal Your Face onto it!


Like much of my knitting, it was done late at night…so these are the only photos I’ve got!


Luckily, it looked much better in the light of day!  Another satisfied customer! Woot!

Now for a little shameless self-promotion:

Click here for your own custom order and the rest of my shop!  

There’s even a couple patterns for the knitters in the group!

Stop Everything and Knit!


Just when I think I’ve got my startitis cured and my WIPs under control…a (good) excuse to start a new project pops up!  A custom order for my Etsy shop!  It seems like this is going around…custom orders for handmade goods have been popping up all over!  It’s encouraging to see people interested in handmade!  Sometimes it seems like we’re preaching to the choir with our blogs and especially our Etsy shops, nice to know we aren’t!

(While we’re talking about handmade appreciation…anyone else enjoy the Game of Thrones scene this week where Sansa Stark mentions she sews her own dresses!  Me Made May for EVERYONE!)  Okay…back to the knitting…

This project is one of my favorites…a Giants themed Grateful Dead Steal Your Face hat!  Like previous hats I’ve done…only with extra slouch this time!  And of course, it’s hard to do anything the same twice, so I’ve tinkered with my chart to make it even better! That’s really the best part of this, a chance to improve an old favorite even more!


Having my stainless stealie friend to help didn’t hurt either!

FO Friday!

With a little luck, I can use FO Friday as my title every Friday!  This week I hit that goal with a new hat for the shop!  With 4 days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training, I’ve got the SF Giants on the brain!  And I’ve always got Jerry on the brain, but especially these days with all the chatter about the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary shows this summer!  It’s been a busy week, I needed to kill two birds with every stone so…


BAM!  Giants, Dead, Stashbusting, Queue Clearing and Shop Stocking all in one!  This beauty was knit from the bottom up in Cascade’s Highland Duo.  The Steal Your Face was added by duplicate stitch and the brim was reinforced with a touch of elastic to give this hat years of wear!  It can be yours now, just click here!  It’s gonna be slow to ship, won’t go out until Tuesday so shipping is free if you order this weekend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  (I did not stick to yesterday’s plan…come back Monday to see how it turns out…I’m curious myself!)