I’m not even close to finishing my applied lace bind off, barely a third is finished.  No FO today!  Instead, I give you all of the UFOs!  All 10 of them!  The pile is actually less impressive than I expected!  I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when it all got lumped into a big pile!  LOL!


From left to right there’s…

Daybreak, a planned pooling scarf, the beginning of my Rhinebeck Sweater, my soon to be modified Exploration Station, my Striped Dotted Rays, a Dude hat, an R2-D2 hat, a cassette tape hat, a nearly finished Colonnade and last but not least, a stripey neon yarn bomb! 

I’d better get cracking!  I fully intend to finish every single one of these projects in the near future!

Stop Everything and Knit!


Just when I think I’ve got my startitis cured and my WIPs under control…a (good) excuse to start a new project pops up!  A custom order for my Etsy shop!  It seems like this is going around…custom orders for handmade goods have been popping up all over!  It’s encouraging to see people interested in handmade!  Sometimes it seems like we’re preaching to the choir with our blogs and especially our Etsy shops, nice to know we aren’t!

(While we’re talking about handmade appreciation…anyone else enjoy the Game of Thrones scene this week where Sansa Stark mentions she sews her own dresses!  Me Made May for EVERYONE!)  Okay…back to the knitting…

This project is one of my favorites…a Giants themed Grateful Dead Steal Your Face hat!  Like previous hats I’ve done…only with extra slouch this time!  And of course, it’s hard to do anything the same twice, so I’ve tinkered with my chart to make it even better! That’s really the best part of this, a chance to improve an old favorite even more!


Having my stainless stealie friend to help didn’t hurt either!