Ravellenic Round Up

The Rio Olympics came to an end last night and along with it, the Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics).  My final medal count is 5 — a sweater, a cowl and 3 hats!


My main event was the Sweater Triathlon.  Much to my own surprise, I successfully crossed that finish line 6 days into the competition.  It seems so long ago, already.  With San Francisco Summer in fully swing, I’ve been wearing my new sweater almost daily!  It’s been a fully integrated part of the wardrobe right from the start!  I always hope that happens with a new sweater, but you just never know.  This one is definitely a keeper!

Week 2 produced a hat and a cowl.

The final push brought two more hats!  Back in July, Woolly Wormhead had a scrappy hat knitalong, seeing those hats definitely brought me inspiration!  I’ve got enough odds & ends for a hundred hats!


The knitalong didn’t feature a pattern but a set of options to pick your own.  I was especially drawn to the use of short rows.  My sweater, up top, called for the use of Japanese Short Rows, which I’d swatched years ago but never incorporated into a project.  It’s a fiddly technique that seemed unnecessary for that particular project.


Japanese short rows are the ones that eliminate the wrap and instead use a locking stitch marker.  The idea is to use less yarn when closing the gap left by the turn and thereby create a neater fabric.  It’s not really necessary when working with garter stitch so I skipped it with the sweater.  A hat is the perfect place for it though, especially if it’s stockinette!


I was pleased with the result.  Without blocking, the short rows are very neat!  I suspect once I’ve blocked it, the short rows will be invisible!


I’m definitely not done messing around with short rows and hats.  It’s, surprisingly, not something I’ve done much.  Rest assured, there will be more short rowed hats!  This particular hat binge is just getting started!  I’ve got lots plenty of hat yarn in the stash!




FO Friday – Outer Space


The idea was to knit a sweater in 17 days.  Part of the Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics!)  I may not have set a world record but I certainly hit a personal best finishing it entirely in just 6 days.  All the details here:  My Rav Page!

The pattern is Stephen West’s Outer Space.  An unusually constructed sweater with a yoke that mimics my favorite of his shawl designs.  I didn’t think I’d like this sweater but I didn’t think I’d like my yarn either, so it was a sort of practice sweater.  Something I wouldn’t mind giving away if I hated.  Ultimately though, I love it.

I knit it without major modifications.  I attempted to lengthen the sleeves but it wasn’t a good look so I frogged and left the sleeves as the pattern was written.  Of course, I didn’t know what was going to happen.  I had to try it on a lot, just in case the need for mods arrived.  And so, I present top down sweater knitting in selfie form.

And, I’ve still got plenty of the yarn left.  I’m contemplating another one, reverse colors and no sleeves.  The math works…1 sweater in 6 days means I can do 2 sweaters in 17 days.  Right?