Cast On Cornucopia

Hello 2016!  The most definitive thing I can say about 2016…it will not be the year I become a monogamous knitter.  I’ve started a new project every day this year!  Because clearly, this pile of WIPs was not enough…


That’s 8, for anyone counting–2 scarves, 3 shawls, 2 hats and a sweater.  And I love them all (when the mood strikes).  New year calls for new knitting though!

Here are my first stitches of 2016…IMG_5772

Pink Acrylic?!?!  Maybe that’s my New Year’s Resolution…knit with all synthetic fibers this year?  No, not likely but these fun little mini skeins were too cute to resist!  They’re Lion brand Bon Bons.  They came with my Rebecca Danger book but the colors are quite right for little critters.  Eventually, they’ll all be a hat!  To combat the size 3 needles, I had to cast on at the other end of the spectrum too…


Imperial Stock Ranch Bulky Pencil Roving on size 13s!  Instant hat!  I really love this yarn!  I’ve knit with Icelandic Plutolopi a bunch, it’s similar but it’s only 1 ply.  This stuff is 2 ply, it’s extra soft and squishy!  Add in the double thickness that comes with colorwork and this is going to be one warm hat!  Just in time too…winter seems rather intent on coming to San Francisco!