Muh-Muhs FO Re-Do

muh muh shawl

The Muh-Muhs Shawl is getting another FO post!  It’s off the blocking board so the photos improved and I forgot to tell you the most exciting part on Friday!

Here’s the details:

My Ravelry Page

The Pattern:  Muh-Muhs by Isabell Kraemer

The Yarn:  Taria Tweed by Plymouth, a soft tweed blend of merino, silk and llama, sadly discontinued.

The Mods:  Yes, there were mods!  I don’t know how I forgot about my modification, I was so pleased with it at the time!  As written, the bind off was not in a contrast color and the specific type of bind off wasn’t specified.  I didn’t have enough white yarn left though.  I did have a bit of the green left and if I was going for a contrast bind off, I thought the Icelandic Bind Off would highlight the color change without looking like an after thought!

knit shawl muh muh shawl striped shawl icelandic bind off contrast color

It’s not just decorative though!  It’s also a functional choice…the Icelandic Bind Off is slightly stretchy, perfect for a shawl edge.  It’s not Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, which I’ve been finding to be a bit too stretchy lately.  It’s on par with a K2Tog tbl Bind Off, each stitch is worked twice, resulting is a little bit of extra give.  AND, if that’s not enough, the front & back are symmetric, perfect for garter stitch, which is what I had on my final couple rows!  This was the perfect storm of right idea at the right time!

Tomorrow…it’s back to hats!  Consider yourself warned!  Winter really is coming!


FO Friday – Muh Muhs Shawl

muh muhs shawl blocking knitting knit shawl striped shawl 3 color shawl

My Muh-Muhs Shawl has made it to the blocking board!  I’m really happy with the outcome, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a bulky weight shawl!  The pattern was designed for bulky yarn so perhaps that helps.  Scaling up a fingering weight pattern isn’t quite the same.  There’s a lot to be lost in translation.

I followed the pattern as designed – no mods.  I would change the actual pattern if I was the designer though.  The lace is not charted.  That makes me a little crazy.  I feel bad for the staunch chart haters.  It’s so helpful to see how stitches stack from one row to the next.  I love charts.  I wish this pattern had included a chart.  Oh well.  I managed to survive.

The remarkable part of this project is the yarn.  Taria Tweed, a 40% merino, 30% silk, 30% llama.  It’s lovely.  I really enjoyed it.  Sadly, that means it’s been discontinued.  D’oh!  That’s what I get for letting it linger in the stash so long before using it.  I have no idea how THAT happened…


This is the 2016 Stash Flash from January.  I blacked out what I’ve used so far this year.  I’ve still got some work to do.  :)

Knit ALL the Things

My Stash exploded yesterday!  There was no use fighting it.  I’m considering Starburst, the latest from Stephen West.  I haven’t figured it out yet though.  I did some swatching.


There’s some good parts but nothing I can commit to yet.  I’m gonna sleep on it for a few days.  I was still in a cast on mood though.  A less than successful swatch does not even begin to scratch the cast on itch.


SO…I started my next sweater!  I swatched a month ago and I’ve been threatening to start it ever since.  Once it got on the needles though, I was promptly ready to ignore it.   So I started a new hat too!  Why not?  It’s nearly done already!  If that wasn’t justification enough…I finished my Muh-Muh shawl!  More on that tomorrow :)

In the meantime, I’m gonna cast on a few more things…gotta be ready for the impending 3-day weekend, after all!

WIP Wednesday – Muh Muhs


I’ve had this yarn for nearly two years (Taria Tweed from Plymouth, a lovely wool, silk & llama blend!)  I wound it at the shop before it even came home with me.

I took myself on a birthday yarn buying spree but I tried to buy with intent, instead of the usual impulse shopping.  I picked the pattern and even found someone who had used the same yarn on Ravelry.  Muh-Muhs, it hit all the right notes, half circle shape, garter stitch, stripes, only a tiny bit of lace.

It only took me until May to set up my ravelry page and another 3 months after that to actually cast it on.  I finally did it though.  I was having an ‘I don’t have anything to knit moment’.  It’s worse than an ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ while standing in a closet full of clothes moment.   And so…


I still don’t have anything to knit though.  I may have to start another sweater this week.  I did swatch for two pre-Olympics, after all.  It’s only Wednesday…anything can happen!