FO Monday – Beaded Hitchhiker


In the ramp up to the Ravellenic Games, I finished my Unicorn Fart Hitchhiker with beads!  You get to see it today because I’m saving Friday for my Ravellenic sweater!  Oh yes, the games started last Friday and the goal of the Sweater Triathlon is to knit a sweater in 17 days.  That seems like such a long time though.  I’m thinking of this more like a Sweater Sprint!  (obviously, I chose the chunky yarn on size 11 needles!)  But enough about that…

The base pattern here is the Hitchhiker.  I assume we’re all familiar with it’s awesomeness.  I’m a big fan, this is my 10th Hitchhiker.  As such, I’ve got a string of fun modifications up my sleeve.  This iteration employs the eyelet row mod and takes it a step further by adding beads.

It’s a ton of beads.  I hadn’t thought of the weight it would add.  Ultimately, I enjoy the extra weight.  In addition to beautiful drape, it really helps the garment stay put.  A happy accident, indeed!

The beads –the rainbow beads!– alone don’t make this scarf though.  No, this is about the double rainbow.  The yarn is rainbow as well…Unicorn Farts!


YES!  and, to make it just a little more special, it’s not just fun rainbow yarn, it’s fun rainbow yarn that my Mom dyed for me!  Naturally, I’d been saving it for something special.

Mission accomplished!  I’m pleased with this one!

(Of course, I’d still make one small change next time.  I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  I think maybe it’s a little too much, next time I’ll be K2Tog tbl.  I think that’ll give me a nice edge without that little bit of flare.  Or perhaps the Icelandic Bind Off, another bind off that has give without flare.   I’m not Type A enough to redo this one though.  Plus, I’ve got more pressing issues…like knitting an entire sweater in 7 days!  Check back for the unveiling later this week!!)

WIP Wednesday – Current Favs


The reality of 10 WIPs at once is most of them are actually being ignored.  The proverbial time out corner.  The back of the chair is the stuff that will most likely get finished.  The green project bags are my favorite to carry, so you’re likely to find my most active projects in them.  Today is no exception!


First, my beaded Hitchhiker…nearing the end!  The beads are an interesting modification to a classic design.  The workflow suits me, 6 mindless garter rows, a (yo, k2tog) row and then one row of focused attention adding the beads.  It’s been more of a go-to project than I expected.  I’m up to 32 teeth and I haven’t run out of beads yet.  I’m currently betting the yarn will run out first.   The end is in sight, either way!


The other project getting love this week, my Rockefeller.  It was on a bit of a hiatus but it’s happily back in business!

I’m currently slogging away on the 300+ stitch i-cord bind off.  Worth the effort but worthy of a little gripe too!  An hour at the beach the other day, an hour at knit night, an hour this morning…persistance is paying off.  I WILL get there.  And the next section tapers into a point…no bind off!  So I’m just getting the obligatory complaint out now :)  (don’t worry, I’m still saving the ‘oy! look at all these ends to weave complaint’ for later! )  The yarn is Sylph from Jade Sapphire, a cashmere-linen blend!  There will be no complaints when I’m finally wearing this one!

The Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics) begin Friday, I’m fairly certain I can make it until then without casting on something new.  :)





I couldn’t resist, once I frogged the unfortunate project, the yarn just jumped back on the needles!


And so, a new Hitchhiker was born!  There are almost 25,000 Hitchhikers on Ravelry?!?  That’s a lot of garter stitch!  This is my 10th Hitchhiker, so obviously, I get the fandom!  The Hitchhiker is certainly worthy of all it’s praise.

That said, I still love discovering new ways to modify the pattern.  My last Hitchhiker incorporated a row of eyelets on row 8.   I’m taking that modification one step further this time.  I’m beading each K2tog from row 8 on row 1.


Rainbow on rainbow action!  I’m loving it!  Of course, I’m still setting myself up for problems down the line.  I’m most certainly going to run out of beads before I run out of yarn.  Oh well.  I can’t get more so I’m knowingly accepting this problem.

I’ve also created a right side and a wrong side–or at least a beaded side and a side with no beads.  I’m okay with that too.   In the end, anything is better than curling stockinette.

FO Monday – Hitchhiker!


Turns out, I’m no good at waiting so I give you yet another Monday FO.  I’ll already be on to the next FO by Friday.  Hopefully!


It’s a Hitchhiker!  A huge Hitchhiker!  This is the same section of fence I always use for modeling shawls and it’s too short by a significant amount this time!  This is 700 yards of worsted weight.  And I still didn’t get to 42 points…this bad boy only has 38.  I doubt I’ll ever ‘complete’ a Hitchhiker if we’re being technical about it.

The yarn is non-superwash Rhythm from Jojoland.   I really enjoyed knitting this Hitchhiker from the superwash Rhythm so when I saw this yarn in the donation pile at knitting night, I snagged it.  I don’t usually get excited about neutrals, especially not boring old beige but this colorway really did it for me!  Sometimes a bold pop of neutral is just what’s necessary to cut through all that rainbow clown barf?!  It’s gradient beige so there’s at least a little bit of excitement.

I assumed this would go into the gift pile but it seems to have taken a liking to me.  I may have to keep this one.


Hitchhiking Through Oregon

I’m halfway through my October travel…100% of the way through my travel knitting!  My latest Hitchhiker is done!  It’s rainbow-ish and stripey so naturally, I love it!  (The yarn is JoJoland Rhythm Superwash)


The pattern, of course, is Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  The best pattern ever, especially for traveling!  I have proof:








Ta-da!  I think baby socks might be next on the travel knitting agenda?!?!


Needle Review + New Project

I’ve been so good lately, ignoring all the new pretty yarns I’ve brought home recently and staying focused on my deadline projects! After a productive weekend, I thought I deserved a reward for all that hard work!  Add to the equation a new set of Addi Rockets that I just got and a new project was bound to happen!  There’s only so much temptation I can resist!

I’ve been an huge Addi Turbo lover since the day I discovered ‘Knit Faster with the Amazing Addi Turbo’ isn’t just a marketing gimmick!  I really do knit faster with the Addi Turbos!  That’s pretty amazing to me!  I’ve been very interested in the Addi Rockets since they were released but couldn’t justify buying more needles.  I’ve got plenty.  It’s not like I need to be working on more projects at once.

A Jimmy Beans sale + a 15% off coupon made it a deal too good to pass up!  I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of Addi Rockets.  They sat on the desk for a nearly 100 hours before I gave in to their shiny newness!  And now…I don’t want to knit with anything else ever again!  IMG_2551

The needle on the top is the Turbo, the needle on the bottom is the Rocket.  The Rocket tip is slightly longer and pointier!  I’ve never been a fan of the Addi Lace because the tips are brass.  The brass isn’t as slick and my sweaty hands react poorly with it.  The Rockets have the classic nickel plating making them the perfect Lace-Turbo hybrid!  I absolutely love my new Rockets!!

And, as if it was even possible, I knit even faster with the Rockets than the Turbos!  Amazing!  I love my Addi needles.  (Now if we could just get them to make an interchangeable set with a smooth join but that’s a rant for a different day!  I’m quite happy with my fixed circulars anyway!)   I give the Rockets two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!  I definitely suggest trying them out…you’ll probably knit faster too!


Now for the new project…I wanted to go Hitchhiker because I need a good on-the-go project and nothing is better than Hitchhiking but I wanted to spice things up a bit so I decided to give seed stitch a try instead of the standard garter stitch!  I’m pleased as punch!  It’s just as easy to knit so it’s still a terrific travel project and the texture has me tickled!


My only problem now is getting back to that deadline knitting, I’m finding my Hitchhiker modification and my fancy new needles hard to put down!