I like when projects have distinct points to reference progress!  In this case, I’m doing two halves so it’s pretty easy to tell.  The first half is done!

orange shawl

If I wanted a scarf, I could call it done.  I don’t want a scarf.  I like big shawls.  To grow this one, I’ve rotated it and picked up stitches along one side.  Like this…

orange shawl 5

Of course, in classic kitchen sink fashion, I didn’t just pick up stitches.  I staggered the edge skipping the first bit and then casting on an equal bit at the far end of my pick up.

orange shawl 3

I was aiming for colorful, asymmetric and funky.  It’s too soon for me to tell if I got there.  I really, really, really like the green side though.   The texture is so delightful to me!

orange shawl 7

It’s Sequence Knitting.  I sing the praises of Sequence Knitting every chance I get.  The basic idea is, pick a sequence-any sequence of stitches-and repeat it within the frame of your garment.

For me to get a symmetric triangle that meant I KFB’d at the start of every row and then K5, P5 across.  That’s it.  It’s the least stressful knit ever.  Of course, I had no idea what sort of texture I was going to get until I knit it.  I’d say I got lucky except every sequence I’ve tried has been a textural sensation.

Add in the marled effect of double stranding a solid + a variegated yarn (because: kitchen sink again!) and it’s a really complex, interesting fabric that was completely stree free and fun to do!

I love it.

I don’t want to mess it up.

That orange is very loud.

orange shawl 4

The variegated yarn has remained the same, only the solid changed but boy does that green disappear next to the intensity of the orange!

The texture hasn’t fully revealed itself either.  I’ve kept the same sequence *K5, P5*  but this time I’m knitting in a serpentine fashion.  Not every row is a multiple of 10 stitches (aka a full repeat).  If I had 7 stitches, I knit 5, purled 2 and then disregarded the last 3 purl stitches.  Each row, I started again with *K5, P5*.

This time, instead of disregarding an incomplete sequence, I’m carrying it forward to the next row.  If a row ends P2, I start the next row with P3 to complete the full sequence.  It’s creating a texture I can’t quite predict yet.

I predict it grows on me before the end.  There’s still time.

WIP Wednesday – Another New Cast On

Last month at Stitches West, my knitting group all drank the same kool-aid!  The Miss Babs’/Martina Behm kool-aid, Viajante.


The mass cast on swept me up easily.  I picked yarn, a lace weight halloween themed number my mom and I dyed together.  I knew from the beginning it was destined to be a Martina Behm pattern, so the time was right.

Until Stephen West’s latest MKAL started.  I’m not doing it this go around but I’m watching the progress intently.  I got swept up with that energy too and promptly decided I’d rather work on some bias knit seed stitch, like the second section of the MKAL.

Until I swatched, that is.


I tried the yarn held alone.  Then I tried introducing a second lace weight yarn (Malabrigo Lace that’s been hiding in the stash.  It’s Malabrigo March after all!)  I wasn’t loving it the way I wanted to though.

Before I could say ‘cast on’, I found myself sequence knitting.  And suddenly, a star was born!  I’m definitely loving it.

New Plan:  Avoid KALs of all types and make up my own shit.  As usual!

In theory, I’m going to knit a symmetric triangle, with the yarn held double, currently the halloween yarn and the green Malabrigo.  I’m doing a simple K5, P5 sequence with a KFB at the beginning of each row.  It’s developed into a lovely argyle/brocade sort of texture.  It’s amazing, reversible and super easy to knit!  Winning!

I can’t possibly knit a plain symmetric triangle though.  As a twist, I’m going to knit the first triangle, then pick up stitches along one edge for another triangle worked perpendicular.   Because one twist is never enough, I’m going to offset my triangles.

2017-03-18_09-10-23_580 Like this!

Of course, I’m not actually working out from the corner of the second triangle, I’ll be working along the entire edge, doing decreases this time.  At that point, I’ll switch from the green Malabrigo to the orange Malabrigo.  How convenient that I just happened to have the exact right colors in my stash!  More winning!

I haven’t decided on a sequence yet but I’d probably change my mind anyhow!   I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough.  This has been lots of fun so far!


I would be working on it right now, if it weren’t for work.  C’est la vie!  Fingers crossed for a speedy hump day at work so I can get back to this tonight!!