Shelter in Place: Day 126

Shelter in Place: Day 126.  Definitely had to check the calendar for that number.  I’m well beyond the point of counting anymore.  I’ve got a special treat to share today:  AKC!  Actual Knitting Content!  woooo

It’s happening, slowly.  Slow and steady wins the race!  And this is definitely a win!! The pattern is No. 10 by Lori Versace.  It’s perfect for stashbusting.  I started with just a few greens.

And now it’s grown into all the greens!  I think I only bought green yarn last year, so it’s all going according to plan.


My green itch is really getting scratched.  I put it on waste yarn to check out the size.  I’ve theoretically got two stripes left.  I may only do one.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get it back on the needles.


Just in case that takes forever, I’ve got a quick green hat on the needles.  (It’s gonna be a while before I run out of green yarns!)  The hat is another Tensfield.  I’m still loving the unique construction.  It’s a super fun knit and it looks great on.  It’s a perfect hat.


All of the green knitting is perfect today!  I hope you’ve all got perfect knitting today too!  It’s a small part of the world right now but I’ll take it!

Also, stayed tuned for a format change.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  Might give it a go this week. I think it’s finally time! Anything is possible!