FO Friday – A Family of Fades!


This is not nearly enough to satisfy my urge to knit hats but it’s a good start!  And it turned out to be a super fun color study.  The yarn is a set of six mini skeins from Good Karma Farms called Color Blurz.


According to the label it’s 6 skeins at 20 grams each.  They were all a couple grams over though.  The result, with a tiny assist from the stash, I got four hats from this one gradient set (and a lot of ends to weave!)

I also got four variations on the fade.  I started from the blue end of the fade for the first one.  I only got 5 of the 6 colors into the hat though.  Hat 2 started with the color that got left out of hat 1.  Put together you see the full gradient.


Hats 3 & 4 faded as well, but not in the ‘find your fade’ definition of striping.   For hat 3, I alternated blue stripe-green stripe-blue stripe-etc, switching to the next blue or green in the gradient as I went.  You barely notice it.  I really like effect contrast has.

For the final hat, I needed to supplement the Color Blurz with a little more yardage.  I just happened to have the perfect little bit of deep blue left over from something else.  I was exactly what I needed.  I might love the fourth hat the most.

It’s such a fun set though, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

I haven’t decided where the pom pom belongs yet.


Ultimately, that’ll be the one I keep.  The rest will likely hit my Etsy shop in the new year so keep an eye out!  I’ve also got some project bags coming, Mom has pulled out her sewing machine to get in on the Etsy action.  She’s made some great large project bags!  I love a big bag!

And, here’s your first glimpse of my exciting new project…


Oh Yes!  Yarnbombed bicycle coming to my portfolio soon!  I took measurements last night!  The only problem…I have two design ideas in mind.  One bike might not be enough!


FO-ish Friday

It’s been a week since work ended and I’m finally feeling like I’ve had a day off.  It’s taken a few days to get back into the swing of things!

Up until now, my knitting has all been happening on the go.  It’s served me well.  I’ve made it to the blue section of my Match & Move…


It’s picked up steam as the week as gone by.  It could be done soon, if I leave the house.  That’s a big IF though.  I think the stay at home knitting is calling to me more!  These colors…


The peacock fade is pretty irresistible.  I’m not gonna juggle six little balls of yarn and a set of dpns on the the bus though.  Some projects stay home for a reason.  I think I can sequester myself and have this done quickly though.

Hat #1 is done.  Hat #2 is underway and I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough yarn for Hat #3.  Hat #1 didn’t even use all the colors.


I’ve started Hat #2 at the opposite end of the gradient.  It’s amazing how flipping the order of the colors skews the feel of the hat.


Hat #1 is definitely a blue hat.  Hat #2 will be a green hat.  At this point, it’s reading yellow though.


Either way…I’m loving both color schemes.   I’m not sure what Hat #3 will be yet.  Maybe a one-row spiral stripe design.  I haven’t decided where the pom-pom will live either.  It’s going to be an exciting afternoon here at FogKnits headquarters.  The excitement never ends!  Wooooo!

Happy Friday!  Happy Holidays!  Knit Lots!  Travel Safe!  Have a great weekend!

Heisenberg FO


I’m an organic chemist by training.  I spent 15 years in the lab doing research.  There’s an old saying about the motivation of people who go into chemistry, you’re either a drug chemist or a bomb chemist.


Unless you’re Walter White, then you’re BOTH!  Don’t mess with him.  He means business and he’s not afraid to use science.

Yes, this is Heisenberg AKA Walter White from Breaking Bad.  I adored that show from the get go.  I’ve always wanted to knit some of Jesse Pinkman’s beanies but they’re standard store bought fare.  They aren’t jumping to the top of my list anytime soon.


So, when I saw the Heisenberg Cup Cozy pattern, I knew that chart needed to be on a hat.  I had to use the acid green Tosh Merino in my stash.  It fit perfectly!  I don’t wear hats often but I think I’ll be making an exception with this one!  I love it!




FO Friday -It’s a girl!


With the excitement of a new baby close to home, I wasn’t knitting for a far away baby.  It probably helped that far away baby was gender neutral until birth!  Imagine that, some folks still like to be surprised at delivery??  I have horrible impulse control, no way I would have been able to wait that long.

The wait is over…It’s a girl!  Trillium has arrived and she’s beautiful!  I whipped up a quick hat, inspired by her name.

trillium hat baby hat pink hat floral hat flower hat newborn picot cast on

Although, perhaps, it may be a stretch to call a literal representation of something inspiration.  In any case, I didn’t know Trillium was a flower.  Imagine my delight at finding out it’s an easily knit flower!  A Chrysanthemum hat would not have happened!

dangercrafts lydia or lucas monster encyclopedia big book of monsters blue monster knit monster

And then, I had to make something for Trillium’s new big sister!  As a kid, I really loved getting presents on my sister’s birthday.  Presents for everyone.  Who can argue with that?  Plus, new knitting is always more exciting than old knitting.  So big sister got a monster!


trillium hat and monster

Find the specific details on my Ravelry pages…

Trillium Hat –

The hat is a pattern I concocted myself starting with a picot cast on.  The flower is a free pattern with some modifications.

Blue Monster

This guy is a Rebecca Danger monster.  He’s mostly Lydia or Lucas.  Her designs are super fun to modify.  The options for mixing and matching monster limbs and bodies are endless!  This will not be my last monster.  Stash busting and instant gratification!  Yay!

rocky monster caturday brown tabby blue monster

And now, to prepare for the Ravellenic Games cast on!  I still haven’t fully decided what I’m doing.  Egads!  Time to decide!




Managing Expectations

I said one thing about this weekend, I would definitely have enough time to finish my Hitchhiker.  Naturally, that means I didn’t.  That’s gotta be one of the corollaries to Murphy’s Law, declaring one’s intent is the quickest way to ensure something won’t happen.

I did get lots of other little tidbits done though.  I added a cute little bill to my recent Grateful Dead hat.  I wasn’t sure the colors I had left would work but turns out, it was meant to be!  I love when stashbusting turns out like this!  It’s for a friend who accidentally felted an alpaca hat I gave her years ago.  I’m pretty sure she’ll agree, it was worth the wait!



I embellished the stupid black hat, as well.  I love it now!


The idea of a bluegrass festival full of 70’s glam rock fans tickles me pink!  And the pom-pom is the proverbial cherry on top, just in case anyone missed the humor of it before.  I have no idea if this one will be well received, but as usual, I’ll be happy to keep it for myself!

After that, I got the crazy idea to cut up a dress my Mom tie dyed for me years ago.  It’s been my staple lounge wear for a long time, to the point of decay.   It developed a gaping armpit hole but I couldn’t just throw it away.  I dismissed the idea of mending it, instantly.  Clearly THAT was too much work.   Cutting it up into ‘tarn’ struck me as brilliant though.  I couldn’t get the scissors in my hands fast enough.  Three hours later, I’m not even half done.


I think I’ll have enough for something garment like though!  It’s a floor length, shift dress, so no seams to get in the way!  Just a big flat piece of fabric to be cut up.  I can’t wait to give it a new life!  But first, I’m finishing that Hitchhiker!  Maybe ;)

FO – Greensky Bluegrass


The hat binge continues!  This hat marks a first for me…knit entirely on the bus and at work!  My bus ride is 2 miles, turns out that’s actually a lot of knitting time in city traffic!

The inspiration for this hat is one of my favorite bands, Greensky Bluegrass!  (See what I did there!?)  They’ll be at the outdoor festival I’m going to, up at Lake Tahoe in a month!  I expected to add a bit of text to this hat but it didn’t look right.  I’m still contemplating an embellishment, maybe a banjo done in surface crochet?

Then again, I like the subtle reference.  It’s just a hat, unless you’re really observant!  Plus, it’s Tosh Merino, ohhhh so soft…I don’t know if I’ll actually take it off long enough to embellish it.

Making Hay

In a surprise to no one, it turns out, having a real job takes up all your time?!?  My brief stint in cryogenics last fall was not a real job.  I still had time to complain about not having time.  My new job is a real job.  There is no time for complaining.  I have too much to do!  I find myself quickly becoming one of those people who gets out of bed early to get things done before work?!  Who am I?  Surely not an early riser?!

All the little bits & pieces add up into a lot of productivity though!  Couple minutes on the bus, couple minutes at lunch, a few minutes in the morning…I’m getting shit done!


A finished slouchy hat–cashmere and silk–delicious!!

Another silly cat hat!  Rocky needed to be bribed with treats!


An instant gratification baby hat, that also satisfied my ridiculous need to buy novelty yarns on sale!  I could. NOT. resist!


And of course an Etsy update to go with it all!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it turns out the laundry doesn’t wash itself in my absence and the cat still has not learned how to grocery shop??  I’ll be off adulting if you need me!

A Re-FO’d Hat


I reknit Mom’s hat easily!  A few short hours of knitting.  Followed by three days of indecision over the decorative touches!  This is an on-going theme lately.  On the original hat, the bling was all on the fur band.  The little crystals got lost in the long fur so this was my chance to remedy that!


I was pleased with the improvement but not wowed!  After three days of deep thought I decided to change it.  Now I’ve got this…


Again, happy with the improvement but it’s not a Eureka! moment.  Whatever, maybe I’m over thinking it.  That’s certainly advice I give knitters all the time.   So I officially declare, it’s done!  It’s a lovely hat.  My idea of perfect is the only thing that needs to change here.

On the other hand, I also say, if you aren’t happy with it, change it.  Just do it.  You don’t like it, just change it.  Why finish something you aren’t going to like or wear.  With that in mind, I’m changing the buttons on my sweater.  I’ve been dithering over that for too long as well.  Enough wishy-washy nonsense!  This week has no idea what’s about to hit it…I am making decisions!  Watch out!