FO-ish Friday

It’s been a week since work ended and I’m finally feeling like I’ve had a day off.  It’s taken a few days to get back into the swing of things!

Up until now, my knitting has all been happening on the go.  It’s served me well.  I’ve made it to the blue section of my Match & Move…


It’s picked up steam as the week as gone by.  It could be done soon, if I leave the house.  That’s a big IF though.  I think the stay at home knitting is calling to me more!  These colors…


The peacock fade is pretty irresistible.  I’m not gonna juggle six little balls of yarn and a set of dpns on the the bus though.  Some projects stay home for a reason.  I think I can sequester myself and have this done quickly though.

Hat #1 is done.  Hat #2 is underway and I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough yarn for Hat #3.  Hat #1 didn’t even use all the colors.


I’ve started Hat #2 at the opposite end of the gradient.  It’s amazing how flipping the order of the colors skews the feel of the hat.


Hat #1 is definitely a blue hat.  Hat #2 will be a green hat.  At this point, it’s reading yellow though.


Either way…I’m loving both color schemes.   I’m not sure what Hat #3 will be yet.  Maybe a one-row spiral stripe design.  I haven’t decided where the pom-pom will live either.  It’s going to be an exciting afternoon here at FogKnits headquarters.  The excitement never ends!  Wooooo!

Happy Friday!  Happy Holidays!  Knit Lots!  Travel Safe!  Have a great weekend!