WIP Wednesday — A Hillary Hat

My Ravellenic Outer Space Sweater is going swimmingly!  <- (see what I did there?)  And so, I’m not sharing until it’s finished!  While not a world record, I am certainly going for a personal best on this one.  A week start to finish??  I really didn’t see that coming.  I wasn’t even sure I would like the design, but turns out I love it and I’m actively convincing every knitter I know to make one.  It’s awesome!  I’ll show you on Friday!

intarsia knitting swatching i'm with her hillary clinton swatch logo knit swatch

In the meantime, I’m thinking about an idea that started a couple weeks back.  It’s a little political, consider yourself warned.  Without getting too far into the fray, I will say:  If my knitting offends you, I’m okay with that.  :)

intarsia work in progress anchor steam

It’s intarsia, of course I expect it to be controversial.  Just look at those ends?  And I absolutely, 100%, unequivocally REFUSE to use bobbins.  I won’t.  And you can’t make me! The beer definitely helped sort this mess out.


So far, my favorite thing about Hillary’s candidacy is that she picked a logo that is super easy to knit!  I was really just messing around, seeing how a swatch would look.  Now I’m think, perhaps I made a patch.  I’m stash diving, trying to come up with an appropriate hat…

Much like the Hillary situation, there is no perfect answer.  I’m not gonna give up though. I’ll keep trying.  My problem is the primary colors.  My patch may just become a coaster.  Maybe I’ll succumb further to intarsia and actually knit a hat flat?!?  It’s complete madness.  Stay tuned for more details!