Pattern Index


 Free Patterns

All designed with beginners, looking to try new things, in mind! The PDFs can be downloaded right here or check out the corresponding Ravelry pages for more info, including the yarn requirement and skills necessary to complete each hat!


Side_PeacePeace Sign Hat

Ravelry Page: Peace Sign Hat


Confetti Cupcake Hat

Ravelry Page:  Confetti Cupcake Hat


Ubiquitously Hipster

Ravelry Page: Ubiquitously Hipster

The Dude Hat, Inspired by The Big Lebowski

(Blog Post Here!)


The Dude Hat (pdf download)

Ravelry Page:  The Dude Hat


Rainbow Welted Skirt

Not a pattern but rather a pattern recipe, a guideline to help you customize your own skirt based on your own gauge measurements!

Patterns for Sale


The Overlook Hat

Inspired by the the carpet from the hotel in The Shining



Tapehead Hat

Upcycle those old cassette tapes by knitting them into cute hats!

Try mixing one strand of tape and one strand of yarn for a sparkly textured effect!



Guitar Hero

Cable knit this hat for your own guitar playing hero!



Dear Prudence

A great project to use all those little scraps you’ve carefully saved

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