FO Friday -It’s a girl!


With the excitement of a new baby close to home, I wasn’t knitting for a far away baby.  It probably helped that far away baby was gender neutral until birth!  Imagine that, some folks still like to be surprised at delivery??  I have horrible impulse control, no way I would have been able to wait that long.

The wait is over…It’s a girl!  Trillium has arrived and she’s beautiful!  I whipped up a quick hat, inspired by her name.

trillium hat baby hat pink hat floral hat flower hat newborn picot cast on

Although, perhaps, it may be a stretch to call a literal representation of something inspiration.  In any case, I didn’t know Trillium was a flower.  Imagine my delight at finding out it’s an easily knit flower!  A Chrysanthemum hat would not have happened!

dangercrafts lydia or lucas monster encyclopedia big book of monsters blue monster knit monster

And then, I had to make something for Trillium’s new big sister!  As a kid, I really loved getting presents on my sister’s birthday.  Presents for everyone.  Who can argue with that?  Plus, new knitting is always more exciting than old knitting.  So big sister got a monster!


trillium hat and monster

Find the specific details on my Ravelry pages…

Trillium Hat –

The hat is a pattern I concocted myself starting with a picot cast on.  The flower is a free pattern with some modifications.

Blue Monster

This guy is a Rebecca Danger monster.  He’s mostly Lydia or Lucas.  Her designs are super fun to modify.  The options for mixing and matching monster limbs and bodies are endless!  This will not be my last monster.  Stash busting and instant gratification!  Yay!

rocky monster caturday brown tabby blue monster

And now, to prepare for the Ravellenic Games cast on!  I still haven’t fully decided what I’m doing.  Egads!  Time to decide!




The Best of the Secrets

I saved the best of the secret knitting, or at least the cutest, for last!  In addition to the baby sweater, the gift I gave and the gift I received, there was a group project for our pregnant gal!  We debated what to do for a long time.  Squares for a blanket seemed easiest except when it came to assembly.  No one wanted to volunteer for that!  Seaming your own work is chore enough.  Seaming someone else’s work takes a special kind of nutty.

We started to run out of time.   We couldn’t decided on a type of project, let alone a pattern or yarn.  And then a flash of brilliance struck!  Someone suggested a mobile…perfect!  Picking a theme was easy for our resident biologist/open water swimmer…Under the sea!

We all set out to pick our own patterns, use our own yarn, knit at our own gauge.  Exactly the type of accommodations a group project of this nature needed!   In the end, the ‘related separates’ idea brought a terrific dynamic to the finished mobile.  Every critter has it’s own little personality.  If one of us had made all the critters, I think it would have been a bit flat.  They’d all be the same style, a bit homogenized.  Instead, we’ve got a super little underwater party happening!


As the collection started to grow, we still needed someone to do assembly.  Being unemployed, I had the time so I volunteered.  I just kinda winged it all, and somehow it all worked out!  I started by wrapping the inside hoops of a couple old embroidery in yarn, some random random Noro from the stash.  Yay Stashbusting!

Then I hung the critters using an invisible nylon thread.  Took a little trial and error to get the best method but in the end, everybody played nice together!


As it came together, it was hard to contain the excitement of how perfect it really was.   In the end, everyone loved it and it fit the nursery perfect.  It’s hard to think of adjectives other than ‘perfect’ and ‘adorable’.  Once again, not having a plan, was a really good plan!


Get a closer look and more details on some of the critters here:

Stinging Nettle

Blue Fish

Green Fish

Top Starfish

Striped Fish

And now, it’s time to get back to current knitting.  I’m only halfway through my 576 stitch beaded picot bind off.   Progress, thy is Thursday!

Stuff on my Cat


stuff on my cat knitted toys rebecca danger itty bitty bat

Of all the ridiculous things I’ve done in my time (Hello knit portrait of Bill Murray!), I’ve never submitted a photo to Stuff on my Cat.  I think I’ve found a new mission in life!   I’m envisioning the scene from ET when he uses stuffed animal camouflage to hide.

Rocky isn’t convinced yet but I think I can win him over with the power of knitting and an assist from Rebecca Danger!  Clearly, I’ve got my work cut out for me!  Today, I’ve got twice as many critters as I did yesterday…so I’m making progress!

stuff on my cat fractional fish rebecca danger knitting

This little swimmer is the Fractional Fish from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun.  Yay Stashbusting!   And three cheers for instant gratification knitting!

Once the instant gratification bug hits, there’s not much to be done except ride it out.  I think it’s going to be another hat binge.  This blog has operated for 28 days without a finished hat!?!  It’s time.

hat band ribbing yarn chicken spiral pooling

So I jumped in with both needles!  It took about two inches for reality to set in.  The yarn will absolutely win this round of yarn chicken so I quit while I was ahead.  I ripped it off the needles but couldn’t bring myself to undo it.  At least, not yet.  I really like the way the variegation is pooling & spiraling, maybe I’ll find a way to salvage it!   In the meantime, the needles are clicking away on this…

yarn bowl fogknits hand dyed yarn ribbing hat

…definitely enough yarn this time!  This is some of the yarn my Mom dyed for me.  I think the ‘special occasion’ I’ve been saving it for is finally here!  I’ve got an idea.  It’s a good one.  It involves surface crochet?!?  I rely on duplicate stitch too much.  It’s time for something new!

Fingers crossed that I’ll have something noteworthy to share for FO Friday!  I’m excited about this one!


Being Knitworthy

Every knitter has it — the knitworthy list.

It’s always been hard to get on my list and it’s only gotten harder as the years pass.  Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I want to or that I ever will, so don’t ask!  That’s rule #1 of being knitworthy.  Coincidentally, it’s also rule #2 of Fight Club being knitworthy, DON’T ASK.

So how does one become knitworthy?  First you have to realize that knitting takes time, a whole lotta precious time, it takes patience and time, to do it right.  You also have to realize that it takes money, a whole lotta spending money, plenty of money, to do it right. (And it helps if you know that’s a George Harrison reference!)

After that, it’s like winning the lottery.  You need to be at the place where my inspiration, your birthday and jupiter all align.  Once you’re on the knitworthy list though, there are some things you can do stay on the list, like show your appreciation through photos!  I love seeing my knits in action shots.

I was blessed this weekend with lots of knitterly appreciation!  First, my sister sent me pictures of her silly, dress-up loving cats in their new hats…


As if that didn’t tickle my fancy enough, I was treated to an entire album of photos featuring my old pal Roscoe.  Roscoe went to live with a little friend of mine.  Little Friend’s Dad went on a business trip to Shanghai and Roscoe tagged along, Flat Stanley style!

Roscoe went sightseeing.  He went to restaurants.  He went to work.  He posed for pictures with all of Dad’s coworkers…several times over!  Yes, Roscoe had a grand old time.

And that, my friends, is how you stay on the knitworthy list!  It takes serious commitment but then again, so does knitting!


A Little Batty


A poorly timed evening nap left me awake all night and things got a little batty! 


A little yellow batty, that is!  I finally cracked open Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun!  I’ve never been a toy knitter but cuteness like this is hard to resist!  The secret to success with these little stuffies is their seamless construction!  No fuss knitting several pieces and sewing them together!  I love it!  You just pick up stitches directly from the body…


Not only is it dead simple, the results are gorgeous!  No weird joins from awkwardly sewn seams!  There is zero chance I could get neat, even seams sewn like this…


It’s amazing!  Not to mention, just exactly the kind of thing Rocky loves…


By that I mean, practicing his side eye!  Until I reminded him, at least it’s not Dress Like A Unicorn Day again.  I was not kidding about that!


He agreed and cooperated after that!


I think this must be his ‘please, get a job or at least leave the house’ look!  He’s such a poor, tortured baby.  Can’t you tell?  ;)



Roscoe got FO’d!

This week’s FO is super exciting!  I’m really pleased with how Roscoe the stripey pants monster turned out!  Attaching limbs and stitching facial features are chores to me.  Rebecca Danger’s pattern made it really easy though!  I loved the process, I loved the outcome and I think I’m even going to love going to a 3 year old’s birthday party!  (this is definitely a first for me!)


I’m hoping for a cranky, fickle 3 year old!  That way, she won’t notice when I sneak Roscoe back into my own bag and smuggle him home with me!  ‘Taking candy from a baby’ isn’t just an expression, right?


I made a few modifications to the pattern.  The idea of fingering weight yarn on size one needles did not appeal to me.  Instead, I held the yarn double (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino) and used a size 4 needle.  The result was a tight, dense fabric, perfect to keep the stuffing from peeking though!  Given my time limitations, I made my Roscoe shorter than the pattern called for.  I knit roughly 2/3 of the prescribed rows.  Monsters are highly customizable, after all!


(Just in case you’re still reading, I’m not really going to steal the kids birthday present.  I promise.  I’m only going to think about it!  I think I’ll make a tissue box monster for myself instead!)


(Also, did you know you can favorite your own projects on Ravelry now…Yes, I had to do it!  At least I think it’s a new feature…I’m pretty sure I would have done it at least once before now, if that was the case!)

Monster Mash

A quickie today, while my internet is still up!  Nothing like spotty service to help get chores done though!  Not only have I taken out the trash but I even washed the filter from the vacuum this morning?!?  Seriously…who am I?  The biggest secret to getting lots of knitting done is definitely neglect anything that even remotely resembles housework!!  It works really well for me!

Anyhow…the knitting!  I wanted to whip something quick for a 3 year old’s birthday party this weekend!  Take the Acid Green Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I couldn’t resist a couple weeks back and add in Rebecca Danger’s Knit a Monster Nursery Book that I also love and the result is perfect!


I absolutely adore the nearly seamless construction of Rebecca’s monsters!  I’m bad at that stuff so minimal is best!


Can’t wait to see his personality come out with arms and a face!