Is it Caturday yet?


It’s the internet, isn’t every day Caturday?  Because progress shots of a stupid black hat are not that exciting, today I have cat pictures for your enjoyment!



I frequently have large piles of knitwear and yarn laying around.  The fur ball lays around quite a bit too.  Occasionally the two intersect.


It gets me every time, he’s just so cute sitting on a pile of yarn.


Cue the crazy cat lady music…


…because I saved the best for last!  My sister’s kitty still loves to dress up!  This is the latest picture I’ve gotten from her!  Because what else goes with a unicorn horn and a floral sundress but heart socks?





Stuff on my Cat


stuff on my cat knitted toys rebecca danger itty bitty bat

Of all the ridiculous things I’ve done in my time (Hello knit portrait of Bill Murray!), I’ve never submitted a photo to Stuff on my Cat.  I think I’ve found a new mission in life!   I’m envisioning the scene from ET when he uses stuffed animal camouflage to hide.

Rocky isn’t convinced yet but I think I can win him over with the power of knitting and an assist from Rebecca Danger!  Clearly, I’ve got my work cut out for me!  Today, I’ve got twice as many critters as I did yesterday…so I’m making progress!

stuff on my cat fractional fish rebecca danger knitting

This little swimmer is the Fractional Fish from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun.  Yay Stashbusting!   And three cheers for instant gratification knitting!

Once the instant gratification bug hits, there’s not much to be done except ride it out.  I think it’s going to be another hat binge.  This blog has operated for 28 days without a finished hat!?!  It’s time.

hat band ribbing yarn chicken spiral pooling

So I jumped in with both needles!  It took about two inches for reality to set in.  The yarn will absolutely win this round of yarn chicken so I quit while I was ahead.  I ripped it off the needles but couldn’t bring myself to undo it.  At least, not yet.  I really like the way the variegation is pooling & spiraling, maybe I’ll find a way to salvage it!   In the meantime, the needles are clicking away on this…

yarn bowl fogknits hand dyed yarn ribbing hat

…definitely enough yarn this time!  This is some of the yarn my Mom dyed for me.  I think the ‘special occasion’ I’ve been saving it for is finally here!  I’ve got an idea.  It’s a good one.  It involves surface crochet?!?  I rely on duplicate stitch too much.  It’s time for something new!

Fingers crossed that I’ll have something noteworthy to share for FO Friday!  I’m excited about this one!


Tough Love Baskets

toughlove baskets garter stitch US 50 Needles

I finally got around to finishing the flat stack of baskets I made!  The finishing work with this giant yarn is a fun first for me!  No tools needed…seaming is done with the fingers!  Imagine a darning needle large enough for this stuff?  LOL!

tough love basket finishing

After the side seam is sewn, the bottom edge is cinched up to complete the basket shape!   Instead of weaving ends in, they’re needle felted down!  Poof!  Instant basket!

Two sizes even!  I love them as a set!  They’re already felted so totally machine washable!  Lovely AND Practical!

tough love lovefest fibers knit basket

Even Inspector Rocky approves!


Tough Love Basket Details:  My Ravelry Page

Yarn:  Tough Love felted wool from Love Fest Fibers

Needles:  US 50 (25 mm)

Pattern:  Coming soon from ImagiKnit in San Francisco




Making Hay

In a surprise to no one, it turns out, having a real job takes up all your time?!?  My brief stint in cryogenics last fall was not a real job.  I still had time to complain about not having time.  My new job is a real job.  There is no time for complaining.  I have too much to do!  I find myself quickly becoming one of those people who gets out of bed early to get things done before work?!  Who am I?  Surely not an early riser?!

All the little bits & pieces add up into a lot of productivity though!  Couple minutes on the bus, couple minutes at lunch, a few minutes in the morning…I’m getting shit done!


A finished slouchy hat–cashmere and silk–delicious!!

Another silly cat hat!  Rocky needed to be bribed with treats!


An instant gratification baby hat, that also satisfied my ridiculous need to buy novelty yarns on sale!  I could. NOT. resist!


And of course an Etsy update to go with it all!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it turns out the laundry doesn’t wash itself in my absence and the cat still has not learned how to grocery shop??  I’ll be off adulting if you need me!

A Little Batty


A poorly timed evening nap left me awake all night and things got a little batty! 


A little yellow batty, that is!  I finally cracked open Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun!  I’ve never been a toy knitter but cuteness like this is hard to resist!  The secret to success with these little stuffies is their seamless construction!  No fuss knitting several pieces and sewing them together!  I love it!  You just pick up stitches directly from the body…


Not only is it dead simple, the results are gorgeous!  No weird joins from awkwardly sewn seams!  There is zero chance I could get neat, even seams sewn like this…


It’s amazing!  Not to mention, just exactly the kind of thing Rocky loves…


By that I mean, practicing his side eye!  Until I reminded him, at least it’s not Dress Like A Unicorn Day again.  I was not kidding about that!


He agreed and cooperated after that!


I think this must be his ‘please, get a job or at least leave the house’ look!  He’s such a poor, tortured baby.  Can’t you tell?  ;)



‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for stress free knitting!  Hitchhiker, the old standby, to the rescue!  It’s been on the go and making good progress until…

…I found a knot!  GASP!  The Horror!


Oooops!  So, I wound the remaining 400 g into a huge ball, checking for more knots and getting the gradient aligned.  At least that was the excuse.  It was definitely not because I wanted to menace the cat with it!   That’s just a fun side effect!


Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope your holiday is warm & cozy!

Friday Cat Chat

After relieving my own fur boy of his hat, I shipped it off to my sister.  She’s kind of a crazy cat lady.  I say that in the most loving and non-judgmental way because it turns out, we’re all crazy cat ladies.  The sheer volume of people who want to talk about cats in hats is staggering!  Don’t worry, I won’t name names, your secret is safe with me!  But seriously…we’re all crazy ladies, my sister included.  I’ve been collecting her texts for a week now…

This is Lily.  She’s the first and only one who’s mastered the art of the selfie.  It’s grainy and crooked, she looks tough!  she pretty much nailed it!    IMG_3455

Then there’s Bear.  He’s the youngest and the dumbest and the most eager to please.  He had fun playing for a bit!



And then there’s Ginger.  She’s the star of this show!  She likes getting dressed up.





Ginger really likes her new hat.  I’ve heard she’s taken to carrying it around in her mouth when she’s not wearing it and she takes it to bed with her.  So cute!  She’ll definitely be getting more hats!  A viking hat, a pink mohawk and maybe something with eyes and antennae are the top priorities!  Turns out I only need a very teensy bump to bring out my crazy cat lady!