FO Monday – Rorschach Test


I’m really committed to getting my number of WIPs down before Rhinebeck.  Today, I’m proving it with an FO.  (Mum’s the word on the two projects I cast on this weekend.)

As usual, I had a clear vision for this when I started.  It morphed into a new idea halfway though and the execution turned out to be something all together different!  That might be my favorite thing about being creative.  I trust it’s always going to work out, no matter how many twists and turns an idea takes.

In this case, the idea remains but the execution has provided many interpretations, a knit Rorschach Test!  Before I tell you what it is, what do you see??  I’m curious!  The first person who saw it said a lemon slice.  I see a neuron.  The pattern claims it’s a Tree of Life.

Whatever the case, I like it and it was super easy to do!  Yay crochet!

FO Tuesday — The ABBA Hat


For my next trick, I present back-to-back crochet FOs!   There’s not much to say about this one.  It’s a quickie custom job I picked up, being in the right place, at the right time.  It was a kit.  I followed the instructions.

Okay, I made a couple little mods, went up a hook size and tweaked it to work in a spiral rather than rows.  Trivial stuff.

The fun part of this project is where it came from…Sweden!  ABBA: The Museum to be exact!


This is Agnetha’s ‘Famous’ Blue Hat from the Waterloo video!  They sell the kit at the Abba museum in Stockholm.  I love everything about this.  I definitely would have bought this.  I think every museum should have hat kits in the gift shop!

And now, Dance Break!


Don’t worry, there are sequins for this hat…it will be authentic.  They’re glued on, so the gentleman who commissioned my services is going to handle that part himself!

I had planned to put my hooks away for a bit but this was fun, I’m thinking I may have to hunt up some blue yarn & sequins to make one of my own.  LOL!   My craft card should be revoked if I can’t find sequins in my apartment!  I know they’re here somewhere…



FO Monday -Crochet ‘Entrelac’

Last week there were multiple FOs for other people.  This week there are multiple FOs for me.  This is the part where have 10 WIPs at once finally pays off!

mini mochi shawl self striping shawl diagonal stitch


First up, the crochet piece I started as a swatch.  It was so much fun to do that it grew into a full blown WIP, complete with yarn chicken!  I got more yarn, only a single skein though.  I knew then, it wouldn’t be enough but it was available and it was a dye lot match and one is better than none.

With my skein count at 4, I decided, enough is enough, even if I barely had a scarf.  That’s 4 skeins of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, 780 yards.   (Which I’m just now realizing is way less than I thought.  Each skein is 195 yards, I thought it was 300.  I was annoyed that 1200 yards wasn’t enough.  ooops.  my bad.  I completely understand why I never had enough now!  On average, crochet uses 30% more yardage than knitting.  Imagine a knit shawl with 520 yds.  yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve got here.  and it’s just not enough.)


I’m quite pleased with my solution to the problem, in any case!  It’s a button!  One single button from the stash.  It wasn’t even an agonizing decision, as buttons often are.

button shrug triangle shawl blue button fogknits made in san francisco

With one little plastic button, I’ve gone from shawl-that-isn’t-even-big-enough-to-be-a-scarf to the perfect garment.   The stitch pattern (diagonal crochet stitch tutorial here) is predominately double crochets.  They’re tall enough that a button pushes through anywhere, easily…no buttonhole necessary!  (aka no planning necessary!)

Now I’ve got a beautiful shrug!  Perfect for warming the shoulders without the bulk of a shawl (or the fuss.)

I realize this isn’t a new or unique idea but I’m tickled pink with it.  There are lots of ideas out there.  That doesn’t help me remember them all.  Having the right idea at the right time…priceless!  I never would have planned this and I’m pleased as Punch that this is where I’ve ended up.   I may never take it off…at least until the next FO comes around!


Not Quite FO?


Nothing this week has been quite right, so it’s no surprise that today’s FO is not quite an FO yet.  The progress is good, but as I suspected all along, I had no where near enough yarn!  Damn you, Crochet!

crochet shawl diagonal stitch

So far, so good.  It’s lovely!  I want to wear it but this happens…


It’s just not big enough.  They aren’t called Shlankets (half shawl/half blanket) for nothing! I’ve got one more ball of Mini Mochi but it’s a different color.  I don’t think it works.

crochet crocheted shawl stripes mini mochi

I think I need more yarn.

(Who am I kidding?  I can’t say that with a straight face anymore.  Of course, I need more yarn.  DUH!  I’ve already browsed Ravelry stashes twice, I just need to send a few messages!  There’s quite a bit of this color in the wild… come to me pretties, come to me!  You will be mine!)

And to kick your weekend off, check out this link for a tour of Stephen West’s stash and a color chat with Taiu of Koigu!  They’re the first two Knit Stars to share with us!   Looks like we’ll get two more videos next week too!

Right on Schedule!

Once a year, I get bit by the crochet bug.  Last June, this happened



It was lots of fun to do.  The instant gratification factor left me saying I should really crochet more.  It’s only taken me a year to act on that.

As if on cue, I can across this link to a crochet tutorial over the weekend. The time had come, something tempted back into crochet!  Just a few short hours later, my hook was on the move.  I love it!  It’s a crochet version of entrelac.


What started as messing around with a swatch has grown into a full blown project!  I blame the yarn…Mini Mochi!  Stripes make everything more fun!  My current goal is a shawl but ‘shawlette’ may be a better term.


That’s the current state of affairs.  One ball of Mini Mochi done, one more to go.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s enough.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet.

(Yes, I do…let’s face it, I’m going to buy more yarn.  I’m just in denial right now!)



Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Art School Drop Out Edition

Since we talked last week, I wound yarn for a couple new hats.

hand dyed yarn moms yarn yarn cakes yarn porn

The next morning I cast on and set out for work.  There were some diversions along the way.  I worked on the ribbing as I sat on a stoop.

fogknits hat cast on hand dyed yarn cascade 220 ribbing

I started the stockinette body of the hat next to a jukebox.

jukebok knitting

I went back to the bus for the ride home.

knitting in public muni knitting

The next morning, back to work again!  The bus was hideous though, I had to get off.  Might as well knit on a park bench along the way.

knit in public work in progress wednesday

and then I went home again!  Isn’t commuting exciting?

knitting san francisco muni knitting bus ride commuter knitting fogknits

And finally the hat is done!  Now to embellish it.  I started with fish but it turns out sea weed is the only thing I’m good at drawing.  I tried lots of different stuff.  It all needs refinement though.


I would definitely be an art school dropout, assuming I could even make it through the admissions process.  I’m gonna keep working on my fish.  Instead, I decided on Golden Gate Bridge attempt #2.

That’s when picking yarn got complicated.  I narrowed it to three choices.

knitting choices

A case could be made for all three, even after doing the black & white test.

black and white for contrast knitting

I’ve made my decision.  I definitely didn’t go with the safe choice.  Hopefully it works out.   Really though, All this non-knitting but knitting-adjacent stuff has me dying to pick up the needles…my Rockefeller is looking good!

rockefeller clue 2 section 2 westknits knitting mystery knit along sylph jade sapphie cashmere linen blend

Yay Knitting!  I’m picking up the needles in 3…2…1…


St. Anthony’s Scarf Drive

Yesterday, I managed to get back in groove!  Getting out the house and away from the distractions of familiarity to knit can be so helpful!  I took my Daybreak and it’s applied lace bind off for a little field trip and it was super successful!  Not only was I able to work through many pattern repeats, I was able to do it without the pattern!  100 Repeats is all it took to commit it to memory!  LOL!  Now, I’m motivated enough to think I can get it done for FO Friday tomorrow!  ha!  Motivated or delusional?  We’ll see tomorrow!

In the meantime, here’s a little project I finished up this week.


A couple weeks back a friend emailed me.  She had learned to crochet and started a scarf.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.  It was now unfinished in a bag in the back of the closet and the guilt was weighing on her.  Maybe I could do something with it?

I said yes, with no idea what I was getting myself into.  Imagine my surprise to find a recognizable scarf that only needed another row and a half!  I managed to finish it in 30 minutes!  Our gauges don’t really match, our hook sizes definitely didn’t match, I used a different stitch.  Ultimately though, the fuzziness of the yarn hides all that.


It’s a masculine color and it’s a machine washable acrylic blend making it perfect for St. Anthony’s annual scarf drive.  St. Anthony’s dining room serves ~3000 meals a day to those in need.  Each fall, they reach out to crafters for hat and scarf donations.  At the holiday meal in December, they serve warm hats & scarves, as well as warm meals!  You can find more details on the program here.   They haven’t posted this years information but the only thing that changes each year is the date.  They need donations by mid-December.  3000 Handmade scarves is a lot of work.  I’m definitely going to make a few more before I send this one off!