Super Secret FO Revealed

Once upon a time, my weekly knitting group decided no one ever knits for knitters, so we should knit for ourselves.  Each year at the holiday party, we draw names and six months later at our anniversary party, we swap gifts in the form of things we’ve knit for each other.

I’ve received some terrific knitted items, a pair of socks, a felted bag that I carried everywhere for at least a year, a westknits cowl that I never would have knit for myself.

I’ve taken different approaches to what I knit each year.  Sometimes, there are many consultations with other people, will so-and-so like this? Knitting by committee is definitely a thing with a project by a knitter, for a knitter, in a knitting group.  One year, I openly blogged about it.  One year, I forgot to take pictures almost entirely.

5 years of swap collage

This year, it’s been completely secret!  I didn’t share who I picked or what I was knitting at all.  I mean, I told the group I was knitting a pink fringed poncho.  We’re celebrating year 8, pretty sure no one believed me when I said that.

So, without further ado, I present this year’s super secret knitting…the Dragon Wing Cowl!


Details:  Pattern – Dragon Wing Cowl by Jessie Rayot, Yarn – Cephalopod Yarns Beastie in Man-Eating Tree, My Ravelry Page.

The construction is super fun!  You start off with a long garter stitch rectangle…


It’s got a series of increases to give you the wing effect.  The spines come from dropping stitches all the way back to the cast on…




and then picking them back up in segments of stockinette stitch…





Lots of fun!  and they look great!




Block the points out, add some real bone buttons…




and it’s a cowl fit for a Khalessi!  Thanks to HBO, it seems like I planned this perfectly!

Best news of all, it was very well received and as soon as the recipient put it on, she had styled it better than anything I had managed to do in two months.   That made me very happy! It was super as I finished it but it came to life as soon as she put it on.  It was clearly meant to be!

And in true O.Henry fashion, she was the same person who picked my name!  I’ll show you what she knit me after I’ve had some daylight to take pics!  Hint:  Cat Socks!!


FO Sunday

Two things about me…

First, I don’t like being told what to do.  (See:  my inability to follow a pattern.  I’m not gonna let a piece of paper tell me what to do!?!)

Second, I don’t like having my picture taken.

These two things are universal truths about me.  They have always been true and probably always will be.  This is me, in kindergarten.

2017-07-23_10-39-09_323 See?

This photo cracks me up every time.  I’m sure the photographer wanted me to smile.  I’m sure he tried to get me to smile.  Why would I care about that?  I don’t need to be part of the dog and pony show if I don’t want to be.  I’m not smiling and you can’t make me.  LOL.  It’s pretty amazing, actually, that I’ve changed so little.

And so, with that explanation, here’s today’s FO.


It’s another garter & brioche cowl with the yarn that shall not be named.  I just could not coax myself into smiling though.  I wasn’t feeling it.  OH well.  I tried.  I have a whole slew of pouting outtakes.  That’s just the way some days go.

I do feel bad for people who try to take pictures of me.  I don’t really help the process along.  Even when the photographer is me.  LOL.


And, the FO isn’t really that bad either.  While I detest working with the yarn that shall not be named, it’s a much better FO.  Wearing it, you’d never know the passion with which I hate this yarn.   The colors are lovely and there’s not an itch in sight.

As for the pattern, I improvised along the same lines as the last one, provisional cast on, a bit of garter stitch, a bit of brioche (only one color this time), a bit more garter, a bit more brioche, graft the ends together.

I did not intend for this cowl to become a Möbius but it did.  I sort of like it.  It’s certainly not offensive enough to undo it and re-graft it.  That leaves me with 3.5 balls of this yarn left.  I’m thinking another cowl, complete with Möbius modification.  Taller, longer…more around the shoulders.

SO many knitting plans, never enough time.  Happy Sunday!


WIP Wednesday

I’m back up to 10 WIPs.  Did you notice how I tried to slide that piece of information right by you?  Buried right under a big pile of stash acquisition!  LOL!  Knitter’s guilt, I tell ya…I think I might have to do a destash — for real.   In the fall, I think.

For now, I’m assuaging my knitter’s guilt by giving one of the older WIPs some long overdue love.  My Rockefeller.  Here’s what it looked like, last you saw…


I still really like this photo.  It doesn’t bother me that it’s been hanging out on my Ravelry page, right at the top for over a year.  LOL.  I would really like to wear this though.  The yarn is Jade Sapphire’s Sylph — a cashmere-linen blend!  Yummy!

The only bits left to knit are a process knitter’s dream, row after row of striped garter stitch.  There should not be a hangup here.


Finger’s crossed that Knitter’s Guilt keeps me motivated!

I’ve also started and nearly finished another cowl with the yarn that shall not be named.


Even though it’s not totally finished, the knitting is done so really, I’m down to 9 WIPs.

I’ll try not to cast on anything new.  I’m still pretty enamored with my Speckled, Faded, Dotted Rays, so it shouldn’t be too hard!

Despite frequent use of #beerandknitting, the knitting is pretty outstanding!


I’m going to start fading color #3 tonight!!  Guilt Free!

Come back tomorrow to see my Surpreyes Bag from Stephen!  Not only has it already arrived but it’s awesome!!

FO Friday (on thursday night.)

It’s been an instant gratification kinda week!  I’ve finished a hat and a cowl!

The hat, for a co-worker’s new baby, started over a beer…


and by the next morning, I had this…


Nothing fancy, just a little square hat with umbilical cord corners!  Details on Ravelry!

and then, there’s this…

I had fun improvising a pattern…provisional cast on, couple inches of garter stitch followed by 18 inches of two color brioche with a contrasting colorway and grafting the ends together.

I like the vibrancy of the colors.  I gifted it to a friend and she was very happy with it.  The red/orange/rust bits are really her thing.  She’s always wearing cowls and turtlenecks so I’m confident it’s found a good home.

Now, for the complaints.  The yarn is Lion Brand Landscapes and I hate it.  My Mother always taught me not to hate things because hate was a very strong emotion.  Now, I understand why I had to reserve hate for only the very despicable things in life.

Like hideous acrylic yarn.

Ack.  It’s the worst.  Remember Lion’s yarn ‘Homespun’?  It’s like that, only think of fingernails on a chalkboard at the same time.  It’s that bad.

What makes it worse that going to sleep with gum in your mouth and waking up with gum in your hair?  It’s barely spun.  If it were wool, we’d certainly call it roving.  The result of this exceptionally loose single ply is the worst splitting I’ve ever encountered.  When you split wool roving and pull your needle back out, the roving kind of collapses back onto itself, that’s the amazing springy quality we love about wool.

Now imagine 100% acrylic, it’s just strands of plastic laying next to other strands of plastic.  If you accidentally split the yarn, it stays split.  It doesn’t have any bounce to it so reassembling the pieces that were split is quite a chore.  Frankly, it was maddening.

I don’t like to label yarns as ‘splitty’ when so much of it depends on the individual knitter. The best advice to avoid splitting is slow down and be more careful.  I certainly reminded myself of that frequently as I worked this cowl.

Okay, fine.  Maybe it’s not the yarn, maybe it’s me.  Whatever.  I’ll be more careful and I’ll deal with the splits when they do happen.  It’s good to practice one’s patience and understanding, even if it’s with an inanimate object.

Until this happens:

It might be kind of hard to see but if you expand these photos perhaps you’ll see the faint outlines of garter stitch on the left and columns of knits on the right.

These are photos of my bathroom sink after blocking this stupid acrylic cowl.   I thought surely, blocking this thing couldn’t go wrong.  It was literally impossible.  It was designed for the washing machine and I was just giving it a gentle 30 minute soak in cool water, with no additives, just water.

I literally thought to myself ‘at least it’s not MadelineTosh, I know it won’t bleed.’

ha.  Apparently, I don’t knock on wood nearly often enough.

I don’t think the yarn bled, per se.  The blocking bath was entirely clear.  Somehow though, dye transferred from my cowl to my bathroom sink.  WTF, Lion?

I hate this yarn.  I don’t even feel bad saying that.

I really tried but it turns out, I’m a yarn snob for a reason!  I make no apologies!  I counteracted the acrylic by casting on a new project with Hedgehog Fibers!  I’ve been squirreling away skeins all year…it’s time to bust them out!  Tune in tomorrow to see my progress! I’m loving it so far!


Double FO Friday

It’s been a busy week!  I knit in a bar.  I knit on a bench.  I knit at a beach.  I knit on a bus.

While, I don’t enjoy 1×1 ribbing, seed stitch is a happy place for me.  This project was my constant companion for the week and I’ve got this to show for it…


A bulky seed stitch cowl.  It’s a sample for my Learn to Knit classes this fall at the JCC.  (If you’re in San Francisco, there’s still time to sign up.  Details are here!)  Trendy and educational!  Now I can start knitting samples for my second class…Colorwork & Hats! (YAY!  This one is gonna be good.  Dates & times here.)

I’m excited at the prospect of a hat binge.  I finished my Hillary Hat.   (Details on Ravelry!  I’m link crazy today!)


Much like Hillary’s campaign, I found it to be unsatisfying.  I’m ready for more hat knitting.  And my current WIP count is only 6.  How did that even happen?  Yes, definitely time for a mass cast on.  Plus, it’s the weekend…Happy Friday!!  Woooo!



Yesterday, I showed you what I knit for the knitted gift swap my knitting group does.  Today, I’ll show you the amazing accessory I received!


Briochevron – for when brioche alone is not complicated enough.   It’s a Stephen West pattern that I wouldn’t have knit for myself.  The awesome thing about knitting for a knitter, it’s sure to be appreciated!  I know how much work goes into making something like 2 color chevron brioche happen!  The technical mastery on display here is not lost on me at all.  I’ll admit it right now–if a random stranger inquires about it, I’m likely to claim I knit it myself!  :)

It’s perfect for July in San Francisco!  Extra thick and cushy to protect against the biting wind!  And I love the colors.  It’s just the thing for a strong fog.  I can’t wait for the next foggy morning if Golden Gate Park!   If you can convince one of your friends to knit you one, I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow:  more secret knitting revealed!  Our knitting anniversary party also doubled as a surprise baby shower!  Baby things are so fun to knit.

Easy Come, Easy Go


It was fun while it lasted but the Candy Dot Cowl is no more.  My enthusiasm for rainbows took over for a few days.  I wasn’t thinking about anything else.  The rainbow on rainbow combo of Unicorn Fart yarn and a rainbow of beads really clouded my vision.  That’s the only explanation I can come up with for this…


The dreaded Stockinette Curl.  UGH!  It’s not going away.  There’s no fix for that.  Blocking will not cure the curl.  Not even for one millisecond.  Damn you superwash!

If Ben Franklin had been a knitter he certainly would have said “…nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and the stockinette curl.”

Total rookie move on my part.  It’s not as though I didn’t know this would happen.  I didn’t expect the results to be any different.  Last night, I had a brief moment of clarity and knew there was only one way this could end.   And so, it’s been frogged.   It’s short life has been extinguished entirely.  Gone.

The good news though, the real reason I love to knit, no harm has been done.  I can start over again!  I’ll get rainbow joy all over again.  And this time, I’ll plan better!  I’ve narrowed it down to two choices, start the cowl over again in Seed Stitch instead of Stockinette.  I love seed stitch so not a bad option.


A beaded rainbow Hitchhiker.  My last Hitchhiker modification was adding a K2tog, Yo eyelet row.  Perhaps my next modification will be adding beads to the K2tog?

Decisions, Decisions!!