Long time knitter, first time blogger!

FO Friday!

Today is a busy day so I’ll just get right to it… In a bizarre twist of linearity, Wednesday’s WIP is now Friday’s FO.  I didn’t even plan that.  I really intended for Wednesday’s FO to be Friday’s FO.  We’ve got an orphan FO now.  Oh well, we must press on today.  Without further ado, […]


Work-In-Progress Wednesday

This one is a no brainer for me.  I have ten projects going at any given time.  It’s my only absolute.  The one rule I never break.  Ten is the limit.  It’s difficult, I have so many ideas.  My queue is 27 pages long…that’s 794 potential projects.  And I limit myself to 10?!?  That’s less […]


This was a mistake!

I was going to share my current favorite WIP but that seemed so predictable. Instead, here is a mistake.  Two of them actually. They’re jerks.  Dropped stitches often are.  They were supposed to be a k2tog.  They had other plans, plans to escape and be free.  It was dark and they successfully executed their plan. […]


FogKnits is live!

As I expand my (eventual) knitting empire, this seemed like the next step!  Welcome!  If you aren’t a knitter, you’re probably a friend who knows how much I like to talk about knitting…thanks for indulging me!  I’m planning knitting content mostly…I’d like to say regular features will be the standards like WIP Wednesday and FO […]