Long time knitter, first time blogger!

Stash Enhancement!

For at least a short time last week, summer seemed upon us here in San Francisco.   It was warm on both the sunny side of the street and the shady side of the street.  I accidentally woke up early and heard birds chirping gleefully.  And I really wanted to knit with this cotton-linen blend! […]


Sleeve Divide!

I love top down raglans for a lot of reasons, including the feeling of accomplishment at the sleeve divide.  It’s the first time a garment becomes recognizable as a sweater!  It’s the first sign you’re doing it right!  My cute little baby sweater actually looks like a sweater today!  Yay! There were several moments of […]


FO Friday, In Which I Turn Into My Mother

I’m making lots of knitting progress…The Friday FO trend continues! The yarn was the motivator here, hand spun and hand dyed by a friend!  Upon further inspection, I seem to have stuck to the original plan?!?  A top down hat with a dark i-cord bind off! I went top down to use up every inch of the […]