Cast on crazy

Instead of finishing up projects that have languished and reflecting on the year, I’m plowing ahead with a new year – clean slate approach and casting on all the things! Digging deep into the stash started the fire and year end yarny gifts are fanning the flames.

Who am I to say no to Inspiration? And so, the cast on party has begun! I’ve got my second Cube Scarf inspired hat heading into the home stretch, a new Kira K designed shawl halfway finished, my third Matchmaker from Martina Behm and a fun textured cowl on the go this week. I’m eyeballing yet another Stephen West Dotted Rays. Why stop there? I’m just gonna keep going. It’s a free for all. The next 3.5 days, it’s all cast on, all the time!

I did have one recent finish. It was a big one! A Hitchhiker scarf I started in 2019. LOL. It’s done right one time. It’s been cold enough here to need a scarf for a walk. It’s green out though…any break in the rain I can get, it’s off for a walk. Fingers crossed it keeps raining. California needs it!

Happy New Year, Everyone! Here’s to the 2022 we all need!


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