FO Friday?

     Turns out, I’m really bad at FO Friday.  I was going to say, being Monday, it’s hard to know if I’m late for last week or early for this week.  It took me about 20 minutes to remember it’s not Monday, so that’s how my week is going.  There’s so much good knitting going on, I have no idea what day of the week it is!

     Every time I’ve been between jobs, this is my favorite part.  This is the part I miss when the structure of work is imposed on me.  I do what I want, when I want…calendar be damned!  This also means I knit when I want, when the mood strikes me, when the inspiration is there.  It means things are always flowing.  Everything naturally falls into a groove.  That’s definitely been the case lately.  It’s been nothing but progress and sunshiny, good vibes coming off my needles.  

     There’s shawls and hats in progress, there’s a sweater swatch in progress, the long awaited Catskill Merino I ordered back in December is just about to be delivered.  And, I just finished my Outer Space Sweater (rav link) so I don’t feel guilty about so many new cast ons! 


I agonized over the final color choice for a few days. I ended up picking the color that coordinated with the previous tweed bits perfectly. In hindsight, it seems like the obvious decision. Once I picked the color, I made a less obvious decision…I followed the pattern. Japanese short rows are the prescribed method in the pattern. Before I started, I knew it was a silly choice. Regular W&T would have been perfectly acceptable and a lot less work.


Not to mention, W&T wouldn’t have required every locking stitch marker I’ve got. I used nearly 75. I’m kind of shocked I had that many. I feel like I’ll probably knit this again in my life so fingers crossed my future self remembers this bit of advice. Just W&T and don’t worry about picking up the wraps. It’s garter stitch. It’ll be fine.


     This is fine too though.  I’m normally a cardigan gal but I really love this pullover.  There might be hope to convert me though, my next sweater, is another pullover.  TWO IN A ROW?  Yes, my next sweater, is going to be a brioche pullover at a lovely airy gauge.  Check it out here, Earth and Air (rav link).  I’ll be using two skeins of a silk/merino blend and a skein of brushed alpaca!  It’s going to be awesome.  I’m seeing my color palate for the year too…definitely going to be a teal/turquoise/aquamarine/jade year for me. 


     I’ve got projects planned with a few other eye searing colors too so I had to put together a neutral set of yarn from the stash as well.  Thinking I’ve got a couple new shawls coming too.  Finally, I’ve got all the yarn and a whole lot of the time.  My fingers are crossed that this groove doesn’t end for a long time.  With continued grace from the knitting overlords, the next time you see me, I’ll have a successful brioche swatch to show off! 


  1. Olivia

    You’re so funny that you think those colors on that alpaca sweater are different from your regular colors because you always choose that part of the color wheel which I absolutely love I cannot wait to see that sweater. The yarns you have chosen are absolutely stunning.


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